Why Are You Reading This?


It’s July 4th, and in the U.S. – today is a day when much falls silent.  Those that do straggle online go in search of news, nuggets, and other photo goodness.  So, why are you here?  I have one photo tip for you today, that’s why!

For today, July 4th, 2011 – be happy and celebrate our freedom to take pictures!  Were it not for the events that bring us to celebrate this holiday, that may not be a right we enjoy!  The best way to celebrate?  Stop reading this blog (or any blog for that matter), go out and take a picture!  Be proud!


Fireworks 1

Fireworks 2

Fireworks 3


Fireworks 4

Win, Listen, and Bang!

This week’s show is a doozy – I talk about the latest contest, (#3 for 2009), have a fun conversation with Jason Loucks, then tackle some tips on photography fireworks.  Of course the show always takes care of a couple listener questions and answers, so it’s 45 jam-packed minutes of photography fun.  Here’s the show notes:

The Third Photo Contest, sponsored by OnOne software.  Rules and entry information are posted on Tuesday’s blog, and you can enter your photos here.

Here’s the sites and twitter folk we talk about during the show:

  • www.freelanceswitch.com
  • www.smashingmagazine.com
  • www.tutsplus.com
  • www.css-tricks.com & Chris Coyer on Twitter
  • www.w3schools.com

Shooting Fireworks

  • Use a tripod
  • Make sure you have spare batteries (and fully charge all batteries)
  • Shoot with a low ISO
  • Set your shutter between 4-8 seconds for best results
  • Try adjusting the zoom in or out for attention grabbing light trails

Enjoy the show, hosted by the folks over at Personal Life Media!  Happy shooting, and be sure to share your own tips and tricks for shooting fireworks by tomorrow and I’ll try to put all of them together along with some (hopefully) inspiring photos for enjoyment.  In the spirit of the show, don’t forget the trailing question:  What was your first camera?