LDP Podcast #69: Camera Wars – Mobile Versus Mirrorless!

Kerry's Union Station

I’m so excited to announce the latest podcast (it’s been quiet for a while…) is up and ready for listening.  I’ve brought back my good friend Kerry Garrison to the show, as we got together a few weeks ago here in Delightful Denver for a bite to eat and a spontaneous photo walk.  He walked along with his new Sony NEX 5N, and I played the part of tour guide on our well-reknowned 16th Street Mall.  Within minutes, of course, I could not contain myself and pulled out the only camera I had with me – my iPhone!  Thus began the camera war between mobile phone camera and mirror-less camera!  I say this in jest of course, because it wasn’t really a battle..at least not a close one!  But, the results and our analysis may surprise you.  Check out the podcast where we give you the skinny on how these devices stack up in a head-to-head match up.  Take a look at some of our similar shots from the excursion below (and the show notes!):

Kerry – Aerial Perspective

Kerry - Shot #2

Jason’s Similar Shot

Kerry’s Horse Shot

Jason’s Horse Shot

Jason's Horse Shot

Kerry’s Dog Shot

Kerry's Dog Shot

Kerry’s Building Shot

Kerry's Gates Building

Jason’s Building Shot

Jason's Building Shot

Kerry’s Bridge Support Shot

Kerry's Bridge Cable

Jason’s Bridge Support Shot

Jason's Bridge Cable Shot

Kerry’s Union Station

Kerry's Union Station

Jason’s Union Station

 Jason's Union Station

Kerry’s Night Shot

Kerry's Night Shot

Jason’s Night Shot

Jason's Night Shot

So, what we were taking into consideration for how we defined image quality includes:

Color Range

Tonal Range



Which Way the Wind Blows…

Arvada Playground

As many of you know, I have been moving fast and furious since starting a new position as a Professional Trainer some nine months ago.  As we started ramping into the busy season, I announced that the schedule may have a trickle-down impact to the blog here, and the last few weeks have definitely seen that to be the case.  To wit, I announced, but have still not shipped the prize for the winners of the March contest (sorry Aimereen and Spike), much less made an announcement of the winner for the April contest, and now, the May contest schedule seems to be in jeopardy.  Unfortunately, the winds of change have sufficiently thrust me off the course of creating useful content here on the blog for some time now, and the can is empty yet again.  That’s right – I’ve got nuthin’!  Well, that’s not entirely true – I do have some news to share and a photo or two, so I’ll share the latter first and the former second.  With the latter, I was having some fun with a set of archives and noticed that this one looked particularly intriguing with two of several crops going at it.  I tried one, and think I like this the best!  How does it strike you?

Arvada Playground

I will ship the March prize out tomorrow (I promise!).  As for May, enough time has passed that running a contest for a mere two weeks (and change) would likely not give people sufficient time to submit images…so, call it author prerogative – I am making a slight adjustment to the contest schedule:  The May contest is now the Summer Contest!  I will take images from now until the end of June, and the lucky winner will get not one but two DVD’s of learning resources from yours truly – one from Ibarionex R Perello and one from Chris Orwig!  These are phenomenal DVD’s and the educational value alone is priceless.  Retail costs alone are easily in the $150+ range.  I am not sure what they run as the DVD’s were gifts to me from my good friend Joe Farace, fellow Colorado Photographer, and author of more books than I’ve even read on the subject of photography (thanks Joe!)

As for the April winner – well, that will have to wait until Friday now, because I need to take a bit of time and review the images (truthly – I’ve not looked at all yet!).  Wednesday has become quite popular as a “Wordless Wednesday” item, so I don’t want to disrupt the little bit of consistency I’ve developed there.  Thanks to everyone for understanding as the wind truly has blown me onto an entirely new course.

ETA:  As an off-topic note, my new course is now focusing intensely on designing, developing, and delivering training curriculum content for higher education, K-12, and corporate clients, with the K-12 audience being primary in my scope right now.  I am clawing my way up the learning curve here in various programs like Adobe Captivate, Articulate, and much more.  As my ID (Instrucional Design) knowledge and experience expands, I hope to bring this experience back to CB in the form of even better educational and learning resources for the readership – so rest assured, there is a long term positive here!  The cheesy intros of past videos will likely be replaced, learning objectives will be spelled out, and I hope to also incorporate much of my newly learned content preparation techniques both in digital and DVD form!  (That’s right, you will be able to order DVD’s of resources from me – hopefully not to far into the future!).  For now though, thank you for your patience as I wean myself from the suckle of self-education!

LDP Podcast #68: Lightroom 4 – Can There Be More?

Laura Shoe

When Lightroom 4 hit the virtual bookshelves a couple weeks ago, there was quite a bit of buzz in the blogosphere.  I’ve even talked briefly about it solo here on the blog (albeit in Beta format), but now that the hubbub has all died down, it was great to take a step back and really look at the nitty gritty details of the application with the calculating eyes of Laura Shoe!  For those of you that don’t know Laura – she’s an educator and trainer and has released her own DVD and Video resource manual for everything you need to know about LR4.  I invited her on the show to share some thoughts and insights on a deeper level for everyone.  We talk about our favorite features,and look at the roadmap for the program.  Can there possibly be more?  What has Adobe missed or should we expect to see in the future?  We also tackle a few listener questions, so be sure to get the latest from The Learning Digital Photography Podcast!

Laura Shoe

Show Notes:

Our Five Favorite Updates to LR4 and Why…

1.  Highlight and shadow detail – dynamic range
2.  Adjustments brush and graduated filter – we now have localized White Balance adjustments
3.  Soft Proofing
4.  Map Module
5.  Book Module

Features Features to Hope For

1. Panos in Lightroom
2.  Books plugins
3.  Slideshow Module
4.  Content-aware fill in the adjustment brush
5.  Manage PDF Files

Listener Q&A

Find Laura Shoe:

On Twitter
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On her website

Thanks to Laura for taking the time out to sit down and talk with us on the show!  Especially exciting as we enter the last week of the March giveaway too, knowing what’s on deck!  Are your photos in yet?  More is coming up this week, so if you haven’t gotten your photos in yet, be sure to get in soon!