April Contest Winner, Summer Schedule

April Contest Winner - Sue90CA

Many of you have patiently been awaiting the winner of the April contest winner announcement, as well as the details for the May, er…Summer Contest Announcement, so today is going to answer a lot of questions for these folks!  I am happy to announce first off, that the winner of the April contest is…..(insert drumroll):

April Contest Winner - Sue90CA
 Thanks to all for their contributions – and Sue, you are the winner of the Lightroom 4 DVD from Laura Shoe!  Please drop me a line via email or Flickr msg to have the details coordinated on getting your DVD set to you!
And now, for the Summer schedule….here’s the details you all have been waiting for!
1. Two photos per person
2. Must be work-safe/family-friendly
3. Posted to the Flickr thread
4. Largest side must be no more than 800px or less than 600px (this is only so that the winning image can be displayed well…)
5. Taken within the contest Window of May – July
6. Images must be done by Sunday, JULY 29th!  (Yes, you have nearly 3 months on this contest!)
7. Theme is SUNNY
8. And most importantly, have fun!
So, some special notes for this contest – the winner will proudly claim the DVD prizes I mentioned earlier in the week – a DVD from Ibarionex R Perello and one from Chris Orwig!  The Flickr thread will go live this weekend, but that’s no excuse for starting to take your own shots now!  Any shots from May 1st through July 29th are eligible (and yes, we will continue using the honor system there…)
Good luck to all, and thanks to Laura for the April donation!  See you next Monday!  Happy shooting!

Which Way the Wind Blows…

Arvada Playground

As many of you know, I have been moving fast and furious since starting a new position as a Professional Trainer some nine months ago.  As we started ramping into the busy season, I announced that the schedule may have a trickle-down impact to the blog here, and the last few weeks have definitely seen that to be the case.  To wit, I announced, but have still not shipped the prize for the winners of the March contest (sorry Aimereen and Spike), much less made an announcement of the winner for the April contest, and now, the May contest schedule seems to be in jeopardy.  Unfortunately, the winds of change have sufficiently thrust me off the course of creating useful content here on the blog for some time now, and the can is empty yet again.  That’s right – I’ve got nuthin’!  Well, that’s not entirely true – I do have some news to share and a photo or two, so I’ll share the latter first and the former second.  With the latter, I was having some fun with a set of archives and noticed that this one looked particularly intriguing with two of several crops going at it.  I tried one, and think I like this the best!  How does it strike you?

Arvada Playground

I will ship the March prize out tomorrow (I promise!).  As for May, enough time has passed that running a contest for a mere two weeks (and change) would likely not give people sufficient time to submit images…so, call it author prerogative – I am making a slight adjustment to the contest schedule:  The May contest is now the Summer Contest!  I will take images from now until the end of June, and the lucky winner will get not one but two DVD’s of learning resources from yours truly – one from Ibarionex R Perello and one from Chris Orwig!  These are phenomenal DVD’s and the educational value alone is priceless.  Retail costs alone are easily in the $150+ range.  I am not sure what they run as the DVD’s were gifts to me from my good friend Joe Farace, fellow Colorado Photographer, and author of more books than I’ve even read on the subject of photography (thanks Joe!)

As for the April winner – well, that will have to wait until Friday now, because I need to take a bit of time and review the images (truthly – I’ve not looked at all yet!).  Wednesday has become quite popular as a “Wordless Wednesday” item, so I don’t want to disrupt the little bit of consistency I’ve developed there.  Thanks to everyone for understanding as the wind truly has blown me onto an entirely new course.

ETA:  As an off-topic note, my new course is now focusing intensely on designing, developing, and delivering training curriculum content for higher education, K-12, and corporate clients, with the K-12 audience being primary in my scope right now.  I am clawing my way up the learning curve here in various programs like Adobe Captivate, Articulate, and much more.  As my ID (Instrucional Design) knowledge and experience expands, I hope to bring this experience back to CB in the form of even better educational and learning resources for the readership – so rest assured, there is a long term positive here!  The cheesy intros of past videos will likely be replaced, learning objectives will be spelled out, and I hope to also incorporate much of my newly learned content preparation techniques both in digital and DVD form!  (That’s right, you will be able to order DVD’s of resources from me – hopefully not to far into the future!).  For now though, thank you for your patience as I wean myself from the suckle of self-education!

Monthly Contest Series News!


As promised, the March contest series has drawn to a close.  The winner for March gets an excellent copy of the book:  “Studio Lighting Anywhere”!  Thanks to my good friend, Joe Farace for contributing not one but two copies of this book to some lucky participants!  The winners are:

aimeeern and SpikeOne2011









 To get your prizes, please contact me via email or Flickr messaging to exchange shipping info so I can get them to you!  These two photos perfectly captured the essence of the theme and for the two of you – congratulations and thanks to everyone for participating!  Now that we’re in April, the new contest is ready to launch, and if you listened to the last podcast, you’d know that Laura Shoe has generously donated a copy of her Lightroom 4 video series to some lucky listener.  Standard rules apply, so get on shooting as we head into the “April Showers” month of the year.  That being the case, the theme for this month is:  Showers!

Here’s the full rule set:

1. One photo per person
2. Must be work-safe/family-friendly
3. Posted to this Flickr thread
4. Largest side must be no more than 800px or less than 600px (this is only so that the winning image can be displayed well…)
5. Taken within the last 60 days (preferably during the contest window)
6. Images must be done by Sunday, April 29th!
7. Theme is SHOWERS
8. And most importantly, have fun!

Thanks also to Laura and Joe for their generous contributions to the contest series to help keep things going!  As always, the creativity is amazing that comes out of these.  I learn as much from you as (hopefully) you all are learning from me.  Thanks for stopping in and we’ll see you back here on Wednesday, when I intend to follow through on my promise of some CS6 previews and tutorials for you!  Until then, happy shooting!