And the book winners are…!

Comment Contest Winners

Last week Monday, the latest Learning Digital Photography podcast went out, and with it, an extra special bonus for the readers and listeners – not one, but two books from guest Nicolesy (a.k.a. Nicole Young)!  I just closed the post for comments, and counted up the replies…we had 22 unique commenters (excluding twitter references) for this post, making it one of the most popular ones ever!

I know, you’re all really here to find out who the winners are, so without further ado – comment submissions #6 and #10 are the lucky folks:

Comment Contest Winners

Thanks to everyone for their participation…and to Chris and Joe, if you could send off a quick email to me, I’ll make sure the folks at Peachpit get in touch to arrange fulfillment for you.  Once again, I’d also like to thank Nicolesy and Jason Cate for their participation in the show as well as Peachpit for their generous contribution.  It was a lot of fun, and the comment contest also ratcheted things up a notch too, so hopefully we can make these more of a regular occurrence with the podcasts.  With that in mind, are there any other authors, photographers, or folks you’d like me to bring on a show,?  Now’s your chance to sound off and get the folks on that you really wanna hear from!  Sound off (you knew it was coming) in the comments!

Happy shooting (and Happy Valentines Day for the romantically inclined out there), and we’ll see you back again soon right here – same time, same station!

What Next?

As 2010 gets underway, I am trying to take a proactive approach to the blogging (writing further in advance of blog posts) and podcasting (recording further in advance) outlets.  To do so, means that for a couple weeks or so now, I have been getting the blog posts up later in the day, and on a few occasions, no blog post at all.

When you don’t see a blog post, it means I am hard at work at my regular job, and then taking time after that to research, write, and contact people for things like the monthly giveaways, podcast participants, and much more.  With that in mind, I am ready to go on a pretty long stream here now of blog posts, giveaways and podcasts with various people in the industry.  But, at this point, you know what would be really helpful from the readership?  YOUR THOUGHTS!

I have three questions for you to consider between now and the end of February:

What types of content do you want to see on the blog? (Articles, subject matter, tips and tricks, videos, photos, techniques, etc.)

What types of prizes would you like to see in the giveaways? (Be realistic – Adobe Photoshop CS4, SLR cameras, and the like are likely out of my league…unless Adobe, Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and others are reading this and interested in becoming a vendor contributor [psst…email me: jason <AT> canonblogger <DOT> com]…)

Who would you like to hear from besides me talking on the podcast?  (Again, be realistic.  People like Scott Kelby, Joe McNally, and other industry heavyweights are not likely to be available – although you coulda knocked me over with a feather when David DuChemin agreed to come on a show…)

Thanks in advance, and I’l look forward to your comments here on the blog and to me via email.  Have a great weekend, happy shooting, and we’ll see you back here again on Monday!

News and Updates

Just a few little tidbits for everyone today:

The “Name Your Dream Assignment” is in full swing – you can describe your ideal dream photo assignment and with enough votes (it’s entirely a popularity contest) you could win $50,ooo toward actually getting it done!  I did an entry just for the heck of it as well.  If you would like to enter the contest (or vote on my entry, stop over here:  Win a Dream Assignment You’ll probably notice a graphic for it in the sidebar too…

Also, a reminder that the Twitter/Blogging poll I set up a few days back is a month-long poll here, so if you’ve not stopped in to vote and share your thoughts, feel free to do so.  Quick link to the poll is here You can also follow my updates on Twitter here

For those of you that read the comments like I do, you’ll notice that Terry Reinert had some extensive and interesting insights on the bracketing posts I did a short time ago.  He’s got some excellent work over on his own site, so I would highly encourage you to visit.  Here’s the link:

Kind of a busy day so I’ll leave you with those web links.  If anyone has some useful resources or sites that you’d like to share – feel free to email me or post in the comments section – consider today a web link day and most any post to the comments will be allowed unless it’s blatant spam.  Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!