Photography Apps for the Smart Phone, Part 3

Photo Aug 04, 9 28 53 AM

Last week I breathed some life back into the blog with a few smart phone photo apps.  You can check out the write-ups for both SetMyCamPro and Easy Release here and here.  Continuing along that theme, there’s only a few more apps that I wanted to showcase here and share with my fellow photo enthusiasts.  Perhaps one of the most enjoyable functions of photo apps is the ability to edit on the fly before sharing out with your friends, family, and colleagues.  So, the apps that have filters or drawing functions naturally are worth looking at in this vein.  Many similarities exist, but one of my own favorites is Color Splash.

Photo Aug 05, 9 23 21 AM

At 99 cents, this app is worthy of your consideration.  There’s a handy video tutorial you can watch but like most people, I skipped the video and dove right in!  First up, I always look at the settings first to see if there’s any customization options I would want to tweak to my own ends.     Photo Aug 05, 9 28 57 AM

Here, I opted to make the brush tip visible so I can see where my edits will be applied, the rest of the default settings seemed appropriate so I left well enough alone initially.

The main menu gives you the option of loading an image from your camera library, taking a new one, and a bunch of other options – as shown below:


Editing images is pretty straightforward – with the main function of Color Splash being to selectively color a photo.  Now granted, this style of photography is a bit overdone these days because photographers have obviously been doing this for a while in Photoshop, Elements, and other image editors, but being able to do it straight from your smart phone and sharing with folks on the fly is kind of unique.

Photo Aug 05, 9 27 54 AM

When in the editor screen, you can also tap the upper left icon to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, color temp, and grey tinting to give your images whatever flair you desire.  Here is most often where people go a tad overboard.  I’d recommend going light on the edits here after you’ve done your selective coloring.  When completed, you can then share via typical methods from your photo library.

There’s many options out there for editing your photos on your Smart Phone, but my nod for selective color designs goes to Color Splash!  You can get it for the iPhone/iPad here, and for the Android here and here.


Got your own favorite photo editor for your smart phone?  What about your thoughts on Color Splash?  Everyone has an opinion, and yours are welcome as well.  Be sure to tune in Wed. and Friday for the final two app reviews here on the blog.  Next week will start a whole new series of photo tips and tricks for taking better photos!  Have a great week!

CB Equals PLM


As previous posts have indicated, the time has been approaching where the podcast will be moving from being hosted here at CB over to Personal Life Media.  After some of the initial duplicating of audio posts from here over to PLM, the feed is nw prepped and ready for migration.  I’ll still have original copies of all podcasts, both video and audio here, but as we move forward, future audio podcasts will all be hosted by the folks over at PLM.  I’m looking forward to the partnership, and hopefully it will result in better quality both in podcasts and in blog posts for the listening and reading audience.

As the tentative schedule yesterday indicated, some initial podcasts (14 total) will be repeats, but starting next week, all-new content will be posted over at the new site.  You can bookmark it directly via your web browser or pick it up in iTunes at the new addresses below:

Via the web:

Via iTunes:

I will continue to post content here on a regular basis, to inclue photos, articles, photographer interviews, product reviews, contests and all the content you have enjoyed for the past two years.   The days that podcasts come out though, the blog here will become the repository for show notes, so there will be some minor adjustments as I massage the schedule to accommodate those ends.  It looks like the podcast date will also shift once again to Monday for publication.  I think this makes 4 of the 5 days of the week where I have tried publishing, so we’ll see how it goes…  If things need to change again, I’ll be sure to keep everyone up to speed here on the blog.

So, that makes two maintenance and housekeeping posts in one week, but now that things are “official”, figured I’d better let everyone know to update their feeds accordingly – if you like the blog posts, then don’t change a thing.  If you like the podcasts, then update your feeds.  If you like both, then just change a little bit.  Regardless of whether it’s the blog, the podcast or both though – never forget to go out shooting!  (That’s what I’m doing tomorrow), so thanks to everyone for all the support and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow!