Emotion Trumps All Else

The Wreck of the Peter Iredale

When taking pictures, we can talk about composition, the rule of thirds, lighting, and deconstruct literally every element of a photo until the end of time.  At the end of the day though, when we are taking pictures – success comes when you can garner emotion from the viewer. So, the question you should be asking when taking photos is whether or not the scene will have an emotional impact.  It doesn’t matter where that emotional impact comes from…it can be external (other people who see your photo), personal (elicits an emotional impact for yo), or a combination of both.

The point is that pictures should have meaning whether personal or for those whom you share it with.  An event photographer should be able to capture the emotions of the event so that attendees can connect with the images.  A portrait photographer should be able to capture the emotion of their subject.  A landscape photographer needs to induce emotion from the scenery they encounter.  Similar sentiments hold for every genre out there, wildlife photographers, street photographers, architecture, product, pet photography and more.  Some genres can be more challenging than others, but the end goal is to capture the viewers emotion.

With that in mind, here’s just a few photos to give you some creative guidance in a couple genres that I’ve worked in and around over the course of the last decade.  Have a great weekend and keep on shooting!

The Final Product!


It's All In the Eyes - 3

Original Flower

3 Reasons to Shoot Photography Every Day

cabo boat

We all have reasons to get out of practicing, but it’s never a good idea to keep at the basics.  Shooting every day can sound like a daunting task, and people have asked me why it’s important to do this as a photographer.  So, I decided to create this handy article that highlights 3 reasons to shoot photography every day, and the importance of practice.  So, without further ado, here are your three reasons to shoot photography every day:

1. Practice Makes Perfect

The first reason to shoot photography every day is because shooting more often will simply make you better! Whether you are starting out in the world of photography or you are an established professional, or even an active hobbyist, there are always things you can learn about your craft, whether it’s improving your vision, your composition, or even refining the controls you have over your gear.  You really only can get there through lots and lots of practice.  Someone once said that it takes 10,000 hours of practice before you can really consider yourself an expert in anything.  Here I would say one caveat and that is to never think you are done learning – adopting that attitude will only blindside you downstream.

cabo boat

2. If You Don’t Use it, You Lose It

The second reason to shoot every day is because, whether you are an established pro, or a beginning novice, shooting is just like any other skill, whether it’s playing baseball, a musical instrument, or using Excel.  If you don’t keep at it regularly, you can start to forget some of the nuances and unique elements associated with being proficient in your craft.  The longer you go between sessions, the more of the fundamentals you may also tend to forget, and that ultimately just leads to deteriorating skill sets in any field.


3. Encourages Creativity

Finally, your last reason to shoot photography every day (at least in this article!) is because the more often you shoot, the more your eyes start to look at scenes in new ways.  If you’ve shot pictures of the same bridge or park for 10 days, eventually, by sheer repetition, you’ll start to see the bridge (or park) in new ways and eventually, your eyes become trained to instinctively search for that new composition that you’ve not tried before.  The more creative you are, the better your chances of creating compelling imagery.

hungtington beach


There you have it, three reasons to shoot photography and taking pictures every day.  For more tips, tricks, techniques and articles on improving your skills, feel free to peruse the archives for whatever happens to strike your interest. In the meantime, if you liked this article, let me know in the comments below!  What did you like and why?  What reasons can you think of for shooting every day?  What about reasons not to shoot every day?  Are there any cons to this practice?  Let me know!

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Moments in Time


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