Time to go…SLOW


Well, the folks at Craft and Vision have done it again.  Of course, they release new eBooks about once a month, but this time they hit on a subject that is really near and dear to me.  As you may recall, in the past I’ve talked about ways to stabilize the camera.  Ranging from various ways to hand hold a number of different cameras, to tripods, monopods, and much more – I’ve pretty much run the gamut.  It only goes to show you that stabilizing your camera is just one way to think about the world around you.

Andrew Gibson has, in one fell swoop, completely turned a 180 on this notion with the introduction of his book – SLOW: The Magic of Long Exposure Photography

This eBook, now available on the C&V website, highlights a multitude of ways to capture the whole idea of motion in your photography.  This sounds counter-intuitive, but there are some great techniques mentioned in here, including panning your camera, motion blur, and yes, even intentional camera motion – all producing some pretty stellar photography!  I’ve gotten to be quite discerning in the quality of what I read from various authors, and even have been known to cut into a few for some things I’ve not liked in the past.  Very few cut the muster with me in this regard:  David DuChemin is among my favorite writers these days, so content coming from his corner of the photo-sphere gets a little bit extra consideration, and I was glad I considered Andrews recent publication here – it is definitely a notch above most of the chaffe in the reading realm these days!

I’ve not been a fan of all of Andrew’s work – but his last few have been quite impressive, and SLOW is among the better of them.  I also enjoyed his prior work titled Beyond Thids, which I reviewed here.  Not only is he articulate and able to get his point across succinctly, but he’s got great examples of photos to show exactly how to produce various effects.  He’s got quite a stable of books on the C&V website, including three dedicated to black and white photography.  With eight total books, there, I could totally see the value of getting the entire collection!  Yeah, it’s $5 per book, but you can save 20% if you get the whole collection at once.

If you’ve got some of the previous ones, then I’d recommend just sticking to this latest one on the art of capturing motion in your photos with SLOW.  He’ll show you how to blur water, how to get a grungy look from the shores, and how to really bring out the sense of motion in anything you set your mind to.  For having done a fair portion of beach scenes at sunrise and sunset, I thought I had this skill well-oiled into my wheelhouse, but Andrew gave me some pointers that I’d not used before.  Finally, he’s got some great charts and refernce guides for what to expect with various shutter speeds with and without ND filters.  Last but not least, I learned that long exposure noise reduction is not intended for use with RAW files!  (only JPG’s)  I did not know that before!

That’s just one of several nuggets, tips and tools you can pick up in this latest release from Andrew over at Craft & Vision.  Normally $5, it’s on sale for the initial release with the normal 20% off deal (so only $4).  make sure you use the coupon code SLOW4 to get the savings.  Here’s the link again in case you missed it from the images and other references above!  Hurry as this is a limited time offer.

The Canons Keep Coming!

Last week we had the pleasure of visiting with Nicolesy on the show, and this week another Canonite graces us with his presence.  It’s none other than Rick Sammon! We had a great conversation that touched on quite a few things including learning and teaching strategies for seminars and workshops, different stages of learning, and even broached underwater photography.  I also got the scoop on his latest developments including his iPhone app, a new book that is forthcoming, and much more!  All that on Episode #42 of LDP!  Here’s the notes!

Learning Digital Photography – Episode #42:  Seminars and Workshops

  1. News
  2. Conversation with Rick Sammon
    • Seminars and workshops
    • Learning styles
    • iPhone App
    • New Book
  3. Listener Questions and Answers
    • Go long or go shallow?
    • Best zoom lens under $1000
  4. Rick’s Contact Info

Be sure to either grab the podcast from the host feed over at PLM or over on iTunes.  Remember to share your thoughts and feedback at either place or here on the blog…your feedback and thoughts are what keeps the content coming through the pipes!  In the meantime, keep on shooting and don’t forget to tune back in tomorrow for my wrap-up of the weekend sunrise photo shoot!  Happy shooting all!

Against my better judgement…

For those of you that have been following the blog for a long time (and let me know who you are, because I want to ask why!), you may recall that I used to put out video tutorials on how to do various things inside of Photoshop. After plodding around with that for a while, I came across the gurus of NAPP and realized that several were already doing it, and doing it much better than I ever could.  So, rather than re-inventing the wheel, I abandoned the video tutorials in favor of just sharing my “wisdom” in the form of the written word (blog posts and articles) and audio tips (which are now part of the Learning Digital Photography podcast).

Well, when I recently twittered with excitement over the newly released calendar of some of my favorite images for 2010, someone asked me about the template I used to create those images.  I honestly answered that I didn’t really use a template as the website www.lulu.com just let me upload the images and they handled the rest.  On realizing that they were talking about the images on my Photography Website, I recalled that a template was used for those images.  I could have done a written post about this, but those take a lot of time to put together (lots of screen grabs, lots of writing, and lots of uploading), so I instead decided to put together a new video on how to create a template for your photos inside of Photoshop.  The video may take some time to load, so please be patient as this is a self-hosted video production! 🙂

Keep in mind – this is just one way – in Photoshop there are always many ways to reach similar results, and as the old adage says, there’s more than one way to skin a cat!  Anyway, this is for you @mitz!  Enjoy, happy shooting, and we’ll see you back here tomorrow!  Oh, and lest we forget, there are very few days left in the January giveaway!  For your chance to win a free copy of Photomatix Pro from the folks at HDR Soft, get your Circle-themed photos in the Flickr Contest Thread by midnight on Friday (Mountain Time – GMT-7).

P.S.  For those that like my videos and want to see the archives, check out the Learning Resource Page from the sidebar for more materials.  And as an additional side note, this is post #600.  No fuss, no muss, no fanfare, but yet somehow I landed back on video tutorials – which is kind of how it all started!  Somehow, ,ind of poetic, eh? 🙂