Hardware Review Case Logic SLDC-203


It’s been a while I know – been working a lot, and my various photo projects have been working their way through my weekends.  Some are more complex than others, but in the interests of keeping your interest, here’s another hardware review (we can never own enough bags, right?) of the Case Logic SLDC-203 – great for that point and shoot (such as the G12 I own), or your own video camera.  It can hold…well, rather than read it, check out the two minute video with a neat surprise toward the end:

So, who wants to win a bag?  It’s pretty easy – if you watched the video, you know what to do!  If you want the rest of the review, here you go:


  1. I also liked how the size was considered to include both a camera and its normal accessories, including an accessory lens if desired.  In this bag I could fit my camera, an add on flash, batteries, memory cards, and my iPhone or even a charging cable in the back zippered side.
  2. The rubberized bottom was a nice added feature to prevent condensation or moisture from wicking through the fabric.  Too bad this isn’t in the SLR level bags…
  3. The price is right – B&H has it for $22!  You can also order it from Case Logic direct here.


  1. While I listed the size as a pro, it’s also a con – you will not be able to fit much else in here.  This of course is always dependent on your needs, but I have the Think Tank Weekender for  bigger stuff.  Definitely not for an iPad or anything of any substantial size though as this is primarily intended to be a small bag for porting around a small amount of gear.  So, a con when doing a hardware review for someone with lots of gear, but a pro if you’re looking to pack light and shoot on the fly!

October Winner!

Rob Sample October Winner

It’s a special day here as I am happy to announce the winner of the October contest giveaway!  As you recall, back in October, we started the giveaway again and on the table for some lucky participant is a Think Tank Photo Retrospective.  I loved testing this bag for Think Tank and am sad to part ways with it, but it’s going to good hands – specifically those of:

Rob Sample

Rob Sample October Winner

Congratulations to Rob, and thanks to everyone for participating!  Special thanks also goes out to Think Tank Photo for their continued generous donations of products for both reviews and giveaways!The holiday giveaway is forthcoming with quite a few goodies up for grabs so stay tuned and keep on shooting!