What lenses should I buy?

A great question came to my attention through Quora – the person asked what lenses they should buy to accompany a camera purchase.  They were looking for both a zoom (variable focal length) and a prime (fixed focal length) lens. It occurred to me that many people many have this question, so have taken the time to answer it there, and to cross-post the information here as well: Read more

Hardware Review: Rogue Flash Benders

Best Control

One of the most common search criteria on Google that coincides with photography is that of lighting.  It’s no surprise as photography really is all about the light, and when making and taking photos (yes, there’s a difference), one of the key things that people can grasp quite easily is the success of a photo is often very dependent on the lighting. Read more

Gone, but not forgotten

Colorado To Cleveland

Hello one and all.  The last you heard from me was a rather somber day, as my beloved furry friend of 13 years was laid to rest in Arvada Colorado.  There were some precipitous events that led to that day, and even more tumult since, so my apologies for the extended absence.  The short story first:

I’ve moved to Ohio to start a new job.  Only today have I been able to get fully plugged back online outside of work.  The past 5 weeks have been challenging ones mentally, physically, and emotionally.  My dog is gone, I miss my wife, and am living alone in Cleveland Ohio!  But it’s also exciting times as our house in Colorado has sold, Tracy will be arriving this weekend (albeit only for a short time) and we’ll be finalizing decisions on where to buy in this new market that we’ve never lived in before!

Lots of stories as you may well imagine, but I don’t want Canon Blogger to go back to that.  You see, this began as a personal blog and over its life, has morphed into an educational outlet for people to come and learn about photography.  Occasionally I do throw in personal notes from time to time, but lately my personal life has been all-encompassing and the time needed to resume blogging here just hasn’t been there.

I am slowly making my way back to normalcy though, so as time permits, I may put something together.  If you’d like to keep abreast of where I am at though, and what’s going on – I have started a personal diary of sorts. It seems the mechanics of writing are therapeutic for me, and the formalizing of something has helped put a little more of a hop to my step.  So, if you like, check out the “diary” over here:


It’s nothing fancy – just a free blog from Google that I set up and started transcribing my audio comments from recent history into something that lets me vent (for lack of a better word).  I’ve put together about two weeks worth of reading already, and will get anyone caught up hopefully by this weekend to where things are for me now.

In the meantime, know that CB has not gone vacant.  It still exists!  I promise I will get back to form – it’s not if, only when..  How is this photo-related you ask?  There are some photos there.  I always like at least one image per post, even if it’s clip or stock stuff off the web to help visually express the “experience” of the day.  So, check out the shots (some are iphone, others are legit)

Colorado To Cleveland

Enjoy the downtime, as when I do come back, it will likely be with drive and restored vigor!