Almost There!

Some minor hiccups have this blog migration to its new home have caused some delays and off-scheduled postings hitting the web.  One that was scheduled for Tuesday never went live, and the others got pushed back too.

So, in the interests of not hitting the email subscription base with a lot all at once, I’ve pulled the remaining posts and will have them go live next Monday (possibly over the weekend as well), to ensure the gear reviews get their fair share of “air time”.  I know some will be very interested in reading about the Sigma 85mm f1.4 I’ve had on loan for a few months here now (being returned to Sigma on Monday).

In any case, thanks for all your patience as I sort out these snafus and hopefully return to a regular blogging schedule come Monday!  Have a great weekend all!

Blood, Sweat, and Tears


Over the weekend a lot has been going on here…and rather than regale you with the “honey do” list (like toting rocks around the yard), I’ll get to the more fun stuff that is likely more interesting (and also more photography related)… Read more

3 Years down! What’s Next?

In the blogging community, a year is a significant milestone, as most bloggers don’t make it to this point.  Interests wax and wane, jobs and passions change, and audiences swell and sag as the community of readers often will gravitate toward new topics and content.  The idea behind retention of readership is to change with the times.  Here at CB/LDP, that has not been a problem. From the beginning, this blog has always been about sharing my experiences in photography with the larger community.  So, as new technologies develop, and I learn about them, the writing reflects changes and advances in my knowledge base. Read more