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Having been laid out with a nasty head cold, then swept out of town on various training trips, I’ve been straddling the fence of coherence, fogginess, and business for a few days now.  During that time I’ve not written much at all, but I have had the benefit of reading more than I normally do – including some of my own archived content.  It often gives me ideas for re-writes or new perspectives.  Other times, I see a post from the past that really doesn’t need a re-write, but is worth sharing again just because of the point the article makes, the quality of the content, or it’s just a really good read!

With that in mind, here’s a few Gems from the Archives for your weekly enjoyment:

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Best of the Blog
Best of the Blog

Backpacks, and Belts and Bags: Oh My!

For this week (and the foreseeable future), I am continuing the “live video talks” where I share a little insight into things I use and do to with photography, and the gear that’s involved.  This week, I recall that some others have done a “What’s in Your Bag?” type of theme, and rather than just show you my gear (which is what the question basically is a lead-in for), I also share some different bags and bag systems I have used, and that I continue to use.  Bag types range from small shoulder bags, to belt systems, backpacks, and equipment bags.  One bag I did not include is one for your tripod and/or light stand.


Anyway, it’s kind of a bandwidth intensive episode this week at over 100 MB of download in Quicktime ® format.  Sorry, again, no flash-based version.  Until Camtasia can import .mov files and render as Flash, when I record in QT, the .mov format is all I can do.


With that in mind, I’d like to also open it up to the readers/viewers out there.  What kinds of bags or bag systems do you use?  Backpacks?  Belts?  Shoulder bags?  What works best for you?  Sound off in the comments!