The Photographic Alphabet


With such an abundance of acronyms in the world, it’s no surprise that the photography world is also full of them.  Whether we’re talking about AF (Auto-Focus), PSDs (PhotoShop Document), Tv (shutter priority), or anything else, the alphabet soup can get pretty confusing pretty quick.  Do you know what a MUA is?  What about OOF?

There’s a ton out there, and while any list is bound to miss some, it’s always interesting to see what’s out there to learn about the field.  Take a minute and check out this laundry list of photographic acronyms with varying degrees of popularity.  How many do you know rote?  There’s 24 total (I couldn’t think of any for Y, or Z – even some Google research turned up a doughnut there!), so make sure you score yourself (and we’re using the honor system here, so try not to research the acronyms/abbreviations…you either know ’em or you don’t! 🙂  ):

01.  A-DEP 14.  NR
02.  BG 15.  OS
03.  CMOS 16.  PPI
04.  DOF 17.  QR
05.  EV 18.  ROT
06.  FF 19.  SLR
07.  GN 20.  TIFF
08.  HSM 21.  USM
09.  IR 22.  VR
10.  JPG 23.  WF
11.  K 24. Xd
12.  LCD ***
13.  MF ***
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