Where is Canon’s Mirrorless Camera?

Canon has been an industry leader in the photography world for a long time.  Heck, for the longest time they’ve been a part of one of the most intense debates in the photography industry (Canon vs. Nikon), remember those?  That being the case, when mirror-less cameras hit the scene a few years ago, the expectation is that either one (Canon or Nikon) would release one, and then the other would come out with something newer/better/cheaper/faster…whatever.  It’s how the consumer market is guaranteed that competition will always exist, which means better technology, cheaper prices, and improvements will never really stagnate – as long as we thrive for it, and being the gear hounds we are, how can we not?

So, when Nikon came out with a mirror-less camera we all waited with baited breath to see if and/or when Camera would drop it’s hat into the ring.  Yet, it hasn’t come.  In the interim, other vendors saw the opening, and seized the day.  So much so that there have been podcasts, blog reviews, and articles galore extolling the various pros and cons of each vendor out there.  Take a look at the laundry list of mirrorless camera vendors and their options on the marketplace:

  • Nikon:  J1 and the V1
  • Sony:  NEX F3, NEX 5N, and NEX 7
  • Samsung:  NX20, NX210, and NX1000
  • Panasonic:  Lumix GX1Xs, Lumix GX1KS, Lumix GF15K
  • Leica:  M9, and M9-P
  • Olympus:  PL1, PL2, P2, PL3, PM1, P3 (All from the PEN line)! and the OM-D5
  • Fuji: X100, X10, and the XS-1

That’s a full 25 variants of mirror-less cameras to choose from seven pretty respectable vendors.  The prices all seem to be relatively in the same bracket ($500-$1200), and the ideas are the same:  SLR quality images without the bulkiness of the mirror needed for traditional SLR camera bodies.  The result:  high image qualities and more compact sizes.  Along with these new form factors arises the opportunity to re-invent the entire product line.  The vendors are lining up, as are the consumers, so the only question that remains is:  Where is Canon?

Don’t get me wrong – I can totally understand the idea of “getting it right the first time”, and if Canon is digging their heels in to make the EIS gear (electronic Imaging System versus the EOS line, which is electronic optical system) the best thing since sliced bread, then so be it.  By the same token, I am also of the ilk that one can only “sit on the pot” for so long.  It’s time to bring it out, and Canon looks to be poised to do just that.  The first word on the street was that Canon was going to announce this new device in May.  When that date came and went, the rumor-mill started churning again, and folks started thinking the technology (or at least a hint of it) was revealed in the 650D in June.  But now, with June pretty much in the books, July seems to be the month of choice (why am I not surprised…?)  Most are picking July 24th to be the date.

So, you have to at least give a nod of respect to Canon for putting the photo world to it’s knees (listening for the rumors to reveal themselves).  So, where is the camera now?  Undoubtedly, the device is already in the hands of some of the industry notables like Vincent Versace, the DPReview crew, the PDN crew, and others out there (how many “crews” are there anyway?  Is it me, or could we stand to do with a few less crews?  LOL).

We wait with baited breath…

What will it likely be?  There’s been tons of guessing about MP counts, frame rates, lens mounts, and all the rest of the stuff.  But when push comes to shove, I can tell you with nearly 100% certainty that I will not buy it!  Why not, you ask?  Because while it may be the first in the Canon lineup, it’s still the first!  First generations of any new product line are likely going to be riddled with flaws.  Let’s face it – the first release of any new product line uses the consumers as the beta testers.  We report back (unwittingly I might add), on what we like, what we don’t like, what works, and what doesn’t.  Then the next release comes out, ostensibly deemed a “pro-sumer” line, which is inevitably followed up by a “professional” line.  Heck, even CanonRumors themselves, acknowledged that is likely to be the case!

Nevertheless, I sit here with baited breath, just like everyone else.  What will the masses say when it does eventually happen (because with the popularity of mirror-less cameras, it’s no longer a question of “if”, but “when”)?  Who knows.  Are you waiting?  Gonna pounce?  Or are you happy with your own gear?  Remember, as a sage author once said:  “Gear is Good…but vision is better”

Have a great weekend, happy shooting, and we’ll see you here again next week with more articles, photos, and nuggets of inspiration!



Shortly after reading the eBook Eyephone from Craft & Vision for review on its release, I started delving into phone camera photography seriously for the first time.  My eyes were opened that with a little bit of grit, creativity, and a vision in mind, one could quite possibly achieve something worthwhile with these camera phones.  After all, they’re in the 8 and 10MP counts these days.  I’d seen others achieve enough success with them to warrant making a serious go of it myself.

One of the problems was a publication stream – I use Flickr for the contest thread (now in the summer session), but not really for sharing my own photos out anymore as I have gotten pretty picky about what goes live!  Then there’s 500px.  A wonderful venue in and of itself – the photographs there are just extraordinary!  Half the time they make me want to drop my camera and never take another picture again!  Probably not the best venue for a mobile phone photography collage though – especially that this is a work-in-progress project.  I settled in on Instagram.  Aside from having their own nice set of editing tools, it seemed the perfect companion for my iPhone photo exploration.

Part of the reason for this exploration is to share photos with you – the readership!  Some of the photos I share through this feed I hope will make you go “Wow!”  Or “Great shot!” or something along those lines.  I also fully expect that some will make you shrug your shoulders and say “I could do that – no biggie!”  The end result though will be a collection of photos taken over a course of 365 days.  That’s right, a little micro photo-a-day-blog.  You can watch my own progression (assuming I progress of course) with the art of mobile phone photography.  Now granted, this idea started with a battle of dueling camera phones between myself and Kerry Garrison on our respective microblogs “My Droid Pics” and his now defunct “Kerry’s Droid Pics” domains.  Like most 365 photo projects, we lost track of it over time and never really got back.

For now – mine is back on track via my Instagram feed – so if you’d like to keep up on the progress there, join me over on Instagram under my handle there (CBJason).  Or, if you are not an Instagram fan, you can check back here periodically as I’ll likely add gallery posts every few weeks with the latest offerings.  Finally, you can also see current status and updates via this custom 3rd party app called Followgram

I have to admit, having the strong functionality of the iPhone for creative ideas as I go about my day is very handy, and something I am getting back into the habit of documenting, so join me (and tell me about your own efforts – I love to get ideas from others too!).  In the meantime, here’s a sampling of what I’ve shot so far:

And now – for the teaser of all teasers – on Friday I said that the weekend photo challenge was to take five pictures! Above you, there are three random pictures from a bunch I took over the course of the last week or so. Without cheating, who can say which three are the ones from the last 3 days? The winner is going to get something super fun! Share your guesses in the comments section below.

Fair warning – the images will rotate randomly, so don’t guess with “Column 1, Row 4” !


Floral Wall Decoration

It’s kind of an unusual week here at the blog.  First off, I’ve been traveling all week.  First was a work trip, now a bit of personal time spent in upstate NY.  Combine that with the launch of the latest eBook from the folks at Craft and Vision (which I touted here on the blog Wed., supplanting the regular “Wordless Wednesday”).  Now, having done all that, I am playing around with one of the secrets tipped off in said eBook – the photo app called Camera+.  It’s a cool little app and makes your pictures pop quite a bit over the standard camera app.

I figured it’d be better to mention this now though over later, because apparently the price for the app is going to go up, and it can be had now for typical App Store rate of 99 cents!  Al Smith, author of EyePhoto, mentioned a few neat tricks to using the app and I am finding even more as I play around with it.  Here’s some sample shots I took with my mobile and processed straight through the app itself:

Coffee Swirls

Coffee Swirls

I took this shot at the hotel after downloading the app.  It was my first shot, and yes, was way over-processed, but I quickly figured out how to dial things in.

Floral Wall Decoration

Floral Wall Decoration

With the strong shadows from the wall and the intricate detail of the floral piece, this kind of shot was made for dramatic processing, and Camera+ is ideal here for a dramatic shot on the go!  Processed using the Clarity option 2x in Camera+

Contemporary/Modern Chair

Contemporary/Modern Chair

My folks got a new chair, and it just struck me as an interesting piece for the shape and angles.  Nothing extraordinary on the processing, except that I was able to add brightness to the seat area which was not in the original shot using the Shadow option.  (It’s a pretty comfy chair too!)

Southern Tier Expressway

Southern Tier Expressway

 I used to drive this road before it was an Interstate back and forth between home and college, so became very familiar with the Southern Tier Expressway.  I’d seen a sign earlier, and had a bit of nostalgia, so promised myself if I happened to see another one and the light was decent enough, I’d pull over and try a shot using Camera+.  The sun just happened to be setting as I rounded a corner on the new “Interstate” and I saw this.  Processed using the Clarity button 2x  in Camera+.

If you’ve not bought the eBook yet, it’s available over at Craft and Vision for only $4 through Sunday ($5 after that).  Make sure you use the discount code: EYEPHONE4.  Then, with the buck you saved on the eBook, hop over to the App Store and get Camera+  I did and am totally geeked about mobile phone photography now!  Probably more mobile phone photography coming up this weekend too! 🙂