It’s crazy how things jog our memory, but a conversation on Twitter last night reminded me of a trip I took to St. Augustine with Tracy a few years back.  The person happened to live near there, so the town naturally came up in conversation.  Of course the dialog eventually turned to photography in the area, and I went to give them a link to the blog post when I did the write up and….it never happened!

The meta data tells me this trip happened back in 2007, so it’s about 3 years overdue – but here’s some fun architecture shots from a trip to St. Augustine back then (and for @AmieDM17  – thanks for the blog post topic! – here’s your photo montage!)

And given the gallery portfolio from yesterday, I seem to be having something of a penchant for 1:1 aspect ratio crops lately.  The other interesting thing is that whenever I visit a city, the doors and windows seem to capture my attention in the architecture the most.

Since I always tend toward the educational side of things, here’s my educational take on this archival portfolio:

Point #1 – Always be open to publishing archives!

Sorting through old shots can bring new inspiration and re-invigorate you.  It did for me as an extra post came about as a result!  It also reminded me of a fabulous trip I took with my wife three years ago.

Point #2 – Listen to your inner voice! 

For me, I’ve always been drawn to the windows and doors in a city.  It’s as if the windows are the eyes of the city’s soul – that’s where all the stories are told for me.  What about you?  What from a city tells its story to you?  Is it the people, the cultures, the architecture, or something else.  We all have a vision that draws us…do you know your voice?

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