As the title suggests, summer is over and I’m ready to resume the monthly giveaway series.  First things first though – as the summer folks have waited quite patiently enough for me to get through the busy season at work.  Of course, the busy season isn’t exactly over yet for me, but as the old saying goes: “the show must go on”!

So, without further ado, I am happy to announce that the winner of the summer giveaway will be the proud owner of both a Canon Blogger water bottle, and a coffee mug!  Since I do own the only two of these in existence, it’s accurate to say that these are one-of-a-kind items!  I talked up Cafe Press in the Spring, and you can buy your own through there, but the proud winner of one of each is:


Sue90ca - Summer Contest Winner

With the summer contest in the books, a short window is now open for the September contest!  We only have a couple weeks, but that really should be all you need to come up with a great photo to win this cool new photo accessory, called a Tripad!

Some other details that are helpful to know about the Tripad are it’s ruggedized surface, that allows a laptop to stay in place, it’s light weight, and the extensions that make it even more handy for the photographer on the go.  Check out the folks at for all the details and for some product demo videos of their own!  Here’s your contest particulars:

1. Two photos per person
2. Must be work-safe/family-friendly
3. Posted to the Flickr thread here
4. Largest side must be no more than 800px or less than 600px (this is only so that the winning image can be displayed well…)
5. Taken within the contest Window of August-Sept of 2012
6. Images must be done by Sunday, Sept 30th! (Yes, you have only a smidge over 2 weeks this time!)
7. Theme is FLAT
8. And most importantly, have fun!

Special thanks to the folks over at  Have a great weekend, and we’ll see you back here next week with more photo goodness!

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