People can tell when you put passion into your work.  If you are passionate about your craft, not only does it have more meaning to you when the final image is done, but you are also likely to find appreciation and acknowledgement from others.  These days it seems more and more, people are sparked not by knowledge or experience, but by passion.  Passion is inspiring – and the more you put into things, the more you are likely to get out of it.

A great example of this happened on Sunday.  For those of you who are not sports fans, or don’t follow football, the Denver Broncos have two quarterbacks:  Kyle Orton and Tim Tebow.  The former has languished as the starter for the first four games of the season, to a rather disappointing record of 1-3.  Halfway through the game yesterday, he was finally pulled in favor of Tim Tebow.  He then rallied the team through an impressive comeback, and I saw more passion from him in this one game, than Orton in the previous 4.  The team came alive, as did the fans.  It really was…well, inspiring!

Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos

Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos

Look at all the players…and the fans…in the shot above.  Everyone seems energetic, passionate, and inspired!  Passion begets passion, and encourages people to believe not only in you, but in themselves.

Tying this back to photography, the same can be said for you and your images.  If you are not passionate about your work – how can you expect others to be passionate?  Make sure you keep this principle in mind when you make and share images with the world.  Be passionate!


A few reminders:

1.  Today is the last day to upload your images for the Worldwide Photo Walk!  If you’ve not submitted for your own walk yet, be sure you get them in before midnight tonight!  The decision is going to be a tough one for me as a lot of great images are there for consideration already!

2.  The October contest is underway on Flickr – enter for your chance to win a free Lensbaby Composer, courtesy of the folks over at Stack Exchange.  Details on last week’s post.

3 thoughts on “Putting passion in Your Work

  1. passion is so much more fun to have your work driven by. in my past life it was stress and pressure, they always felt like they pulled work out of me where my passion for photography pushes work i love out of me and drives me to do it even better next time instead of simply breathing a sigh of relief when the task is complete.

  2. Awesome photos with such energy and passion. Definitely needed to make work that stands out in the photography world. Far too many people just od it for money.

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