A number of things have been in the hopper for a while now, and yesterday it all came to a boil with:

  • Attending a Captured By The Light Seminar with David Ziser
  • Launching a Drobo Giveaway Sweepstakes with Data Robotics
  • Publishing the Photokina Podcast

First up, the podcast…

I had another great chat with Kerry Garrison about a week ago about when and why to upgrade your camera body.  With the 60D now in the market, and Photokina just starting yesterday, there’s going to be lots of opportunities to buy.  When looking at all the options of whether new features are worth the upgrade.  Check it out!  The show notes are more detailed, so will likely go out tomorrow separately, but wanted to let people catch it today because of a special sponsor…

Drobo 3-Day Sweepstakes Giveaway

For some time now I have been working on getting some preferred vendors in line for the monthly podcast series and the regular contest over on Flickr.  One of those sponsors I have been working with is Data Robotics.  I received word yesterday that some advertising dollars were still available for 3rd quarter, and if I could act fast, we could run a giveaway for Canon Blogger readers and podcast listeners.

So, the blog post for the podcast got bumped so I could add an intro there about the giveaway, (you can get all the details about the 3-Day Giveaway here.

David Ziser Denver Seminar

The other news item of note was the David Ziser seminar I attended on Monday.  This is his 2010 tour, titled Captured By The Light, and I had an opportunity to assist as a volunteer for the show…taking registrations, assisting with product sales, and setup/breakdown.  The seminar was probably one of the best I have attended (and I’ve taken in a few…).

The sheer quantity of material was amazing…and with the added door prizes, I can totally see the value behind this event.  He had over $6000 in door prizes!  In addition to the swag that was given to every attendee, including free months of memberships for things like Kelby Training,  a free 1 year membership to WPPI, 20% off discounts for things like the Spyder3Pro, Animoto discounts, 4-month subscription to Professional Photographer.

It was just a great time.  It was an honor to participate, and I would like to take a moment here on the blog to thank David and his staff for their down-to-earth and welcoming approach.  For more information on the Captured By The Light Tour and to see if he’s coming to a city near you, check out the details here:  www.capturedbythelight2010.com And if you’re not a reader of his blog, make sure you check that out too – probably one of the best resources I have in my daily feeds…you can pick that up here: Digital Pro Talk

That’s it for the double-post Tuesday – not the norm, but definitely timely enough and worthy of the additional nugget.  Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “Putting it all together: LDP Episode #51

  1. I’m glad to hear that David Ziser’s workshop was good. My wife and I are attending the workshop tomorrow in St Louis. Any suggestions for making the most of the workshop? Any secrets for winning prizes 😉

  2. I’m a Canon guy. I started with an A80, G6, 40D, and now have a 5D MkII, as well as a G9 and S90. But this episode was painful. You spent more time talking about old obsolete cameras, telling us why mega-pixels (why do you emphasize the last syllable?) don’t matter, hashing out minutiae, never going on to the next subject. All about the 60D, which is the least exciting release in the last few years. You didn’t even talk about the only really great feature, the swing out lcd. Good grief.

    1. Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the feedback on the show. The basis for the show was on a particular question from a reader/listener who was thinking of switching from the Nikon D70 to the Canon lineup for the 60D. It raised a more interesting question about the merits of changing camera bodies more generically.

      In trying to both bring out new content and address some recurring issues that readers and listeners address, we did feel that the question of determining when to upgrade camera bodies is both warranted and unwarranted. Since many people likely have older bodies as they consider an upgrade route, that is why we included the older inventory in our discussion.

      Hopefully the next episode will have newer content and subject matter that you find more enjoyable. I really do love listener input and feedback, so if you have suggestions for future topics, feel free to let me know so we can consider them in the future schedule.

      Happy Shooting! 🙂

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