How many times have you had a great photo that you wanted to print, frame, and hang, or export, publishing and share to the web?  Then, before you know it – nothing’s really happened because you are over-whelmed with the decision-making process of how to mat, frame, and otherwise present your print.  Okay, so maybe this doesn’t happen all the time, but the point here is that how you present your images is very important – almost as important as the image itself.

Tail Lights in Motion

Everything from lighting in a venue to the background color of the walls, and yes, the mat and frame choices will have an impact on how your images are received.  In the case of web publishing, it gets even tougher because you can’t control every monitor in the world!  Most monitors aren’t color-calibrated either, which makes the viewing audience even tougher to get a uniform viewing of your images.  Here on the blog, Wordless Wednesday has been doing well, and I suspect a lot of it has to do with the choices I made.

Keep in mind, there is no single “right” answer – all of these considerations are subjective and dependent on taste…but you do need to consider these factors when presenting your work.  Of course, the work has to be worthy of display in the first place… 🙂

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