Five weeks without a podcast, then two within two weeks – it’s like my multimedia content got a dose of fiber because things appear to be getting regular around here again! Joining the show once again is my good friend Kerry Garrison – I asked him back on because this particular subject is something Kerry has studied meticulously – and he’s got it down to a science! Tune in to this latest show for his secrets of success:

Camera Dojo

Posing Your Subect

  • The S Curve
  • Naked Shoulder
  • Full Back
  • Knee In/out
  • Step Up
  • Balance
  • Pelvic Roll
  • V’s in Composition and Framing

It’s a great and informative discussion, so be sure to catch it from either your iTunes Feed, or direct download here!  You can also visit Kerry at his various online outlets here:

4 thoughts on “Posing Your Subjects: LDP Podcast #58

  1. Is the talk available to get some pictures also? Great podcast – had a go ripping magazines up and seeing a lot of head towards shoulder, eyes behind shoulder, S curves and Vs!

    1. Hey Tom,

      I toyed with the idea of it, but since the photos were taken from magazines, using them without permission would have been strictly speaking a violation of copyright so decided to err on the side of safety and just recommend people look through magazines directly.

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