In light of my recent foray into a solid system that has both portability and transparency for use across multiple software and OS platforms, I started a new poll. In doing so, I also realized the polling system was broken, and voting links were dysfunctional (I put the fun in dysfunctional, eh?). So…the polling plugin has been updated as well, and is now re-enabled. So, participate in the most recent poll: Let’s see which software package is the most popular – any guesses on which it will be?

3 thoughts on “New Poll (both literally and programatically)

  1. Lightroom is option #3 – but good point about adding the “Other” option – that’s been added, thanks! 🙂

  2. You need a button for Lightroom + any of the others

  3. I’m guessing the results will favor the CS2 and Elements packages. Anyone else have any hunches? (I’ll run this poll through the end of the year…)

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