As you may recall, I announced some time back about a planned Macro Photography photo walk at the Railroad Museum hosted by myself and Joe Farace.  It was originally scheduled for this coming weekend.  However, due to some conflicts and a shorter than expected planning session for the walk itself, we just had to go ahead and postpone until May. Both Joe’s schedule and my own are just not playing nicely, so be on the lookout for details to be announced as we get closer to May.  In the meantime, make sure you catch yesterday’s guest post from Joe about Getting Started in Macro Photography, as well as my own Three Macro Tips I shared over on his website concurrently!


Let us know if you have any questions too.  You can always use our email addresses directly until we can get a dedicated email address set up for the photo walk. to send responses to (forthcoming).  Stay tuned here too for more macro tips, inspirational shots, and articles to learn from!  There’s always the monthly photo contest too – this month the winner gets a free instructional DVD on Lightroom IV from Laura Shoe!

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