Yeah, okay, I don’t do this a lot, but every once and a while it’s fun to put together a quick technique or tip to share with the reading/listening community, so here’s one that’s very helpful when using Lightroom. More of a tip than a technique, this is simply a suggestion to enable the Auto Advance feature.  When you check this feature, it makes your work flow go a lot quicker when making picks or rejects from catalogs. After I’ve completed an import, I’ll go through and tag the picks and rejects with my keyboard shortcuts (P) and (X) respectively. Because the Auto Advance feature is enabled, simply making a”tag” or flag selection on a picture, advances me to the next one in the current catalog or collection.

Auto Advance Feature

After I do this, I simply look up at the top of Lightroom while in Library mode to filter my collection for either picks or rejects. From my approach, I do the rejects first, then CMD/CTRL A to select all and delete! Then from the picks, I’ll go through and make whatever edits I need, even including round trips to Photoshop, Photomatix, or whatever 3rd party software I happen to need or be using at the time.  This is always so much easier with Auto Advance enabled. I can fly through a shoot of 500+ images in about 20 minutes both to clean up the catalog, and make the picks of what will likely be in the final published album. Give it a whirl and see if it improves your work flow!

Got your own tips or tricks for Lightroom, Photoshop, or simple camera techniques? Share the love and sound off in the comments! Either that or share your own thoughts on what you think of the techniques I share here. Regardless, tips tricks and techniques like these are always designed to help you get through post production and do what we all love to do – get out and shoot some more! Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here next time!

8 thoughts on “Photo Technique of the Week

  1. Just one, even quicker, top tip. If you go throught your imported LR images using the Pick/Reject method, once you have finished that process you can go to Photo/Delete Rejected Images and delete them in one go. You can opt to Remove them from LR or Delete them from the disk.
    It’s much quicker than the method outlined above.

    1. How is this different than what I said above about pick/reject using auto advance? The point was more a keyboard shortcut to the functions (P and X) and the AUto Advance enabling LR to move to the next image in the sequence…

      Now I am confused…

  2. Jason,
    great tip. I just tried it with the 120 photos I did yesterday and it worked great. now I just have to learn not to take so many shots of same thing.
    How do you keep track of this when you are doing HDR bracketing?

    1. Usually with pano tracking in the field I’ll stick my left hand out with my index finger before I begin, and then at the conclusion I’ll do the same with my right hand.

      For HDR bracketing, I am usually on a tripod and I set the camera to capture in rapid fire sequence, so the meta data tells me which three. I’ll then take all three of those and run post production through either PS or Photomatix or which ever software, then round trip back to LR and make a “pick” from that processed one.

  3. Thanks for the tip Jason! I didn’t use auto advance but will now.

    Normally once I’ve offloaded I go into the Recent import and filter on unflagged images. When I pick or reject and image it automatically moves me to the next one.

    Great tip!

    1. Different strokes – no single method or approach is better or worse than any other, it’s what works for you! My only concern with the recent import is what if I import and then do another one before I complete the picks for collections?

  4. Miguel Palaviccini says:

    Thanks for the tip! I’ve found that in LR you can toggle the auto advance feature by pressing the Caps Lock key 🙂

    1. So you can – always good to add new tips, so thanks for sharing! 🙂

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