As you may recall from our monthly giveaway last month, the lucky winner got a print from the folks over at Image Wizards.  These aren’t just prints with metallic ink on specialty papers – these are prints on aluminum!  It’s a pretty amazing process, and the results are equally amazing!  I have been promising the write-up and review for a while now, but with the holidays and a bout with the flu, I was out of commission for a while there.  (As an aside, try to avoid getting sick during the holidays – not fun at all!)

Never fear though, I’ve rebounded, and as promised, here’s the skinny on the prints from Image Wizards.  First off, they aren’t kidding when they ship these prints.  I opted for the lower cost corrugated cardboard, but it was still packed in like a tank. After taking it out and selecting an appropriate place for display, I hung it for a while to make sure it worked in my selected location.  Not only does it work – it works beautifully!

As you can see, the ambient light catches it perfectly, and really draws the eye in.  For this particular print I chose the aluminum brushed satin finish, which is kind of like a matted version so it wouldn’t be too glossy as the print is of the stamens in a flower.  Something like a skyline might call for a more glossy sheen, but that’s really a matter of personal taste.

The aluminum composition really makes it stand out unlike any other print you’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a few, from other sponsors like Nations Photo Lab, and contributor Backlitbox).  As we photographers are always seeking to find a niche market, the folks at Image Wizards have found a perfect market themselves for a very unique product.  Not only is it a high quality print, but it’s built to last for all ages.  The mounting (I chose the frame to edge, or boxed mount, option) and hanging mechanisms are equally impressive too.  A double row of framing and a sturdy wire hanger mounted securely by screws make sure that once you hang it, there’s nothing to worry about as you know it’s not going anywhere.

Image Wizards Framing

Image Wizards Hanger

The caveat to all this is that for a unique, high end print made on aluminum, the cost of entry is not cheap.  The 16×20″ print you see above runs about $200!  You can get estimates done for any custom size you like on their upload page (and yes, the upload process is pretty slick too – upload directly via your web browser)!  You do get what you pay for though, so if you really want to impress your own clients with some eye-popping prints, Image Wizards definitely has a unique look for you!  Check them out when you get a chance!

And for those of you wondering why you didn’t know about the contest last month – another one is underway now…only a little time left before the window closes on the December giveaway, so if you want to try for a chance to win a bunch of photography books, gear and such, stop by the Flickr thread and share your image there soon!

7 thoughts on “Photo Review: Image Wizards AluminArte!

  1. I had purchased the Lightly Brushed Ultra Gloss 24 x 36 back in February of a sunset scene I had done in Key West. When I got the art piece back I was extremely delighted and amazed at how it shimmered in incandescent light.

    I was showing the art today when I noticed some blotting, kind of looks like the metal was bleeding a color. Some of it is nearly an inch thick. Most of it runs horizontally across the bottom 1/3 of the image. I am certain it was not there before, I or someone else would of certainly noticed. No one has touched the image by me with white gloves when I hung it. It has been dusted with a lent cloth. Not subjected to heat or direct sunlight. I was curious if anyone else has encountered this problem.

    I am looking to purchase a lot more from them and wanted to know if this is just an isolated case or not. I did email them today and will update this post with what they have to say.

  2. ImageWizards sucks. I received a print with next day delivery when I did not ask for that service and was charged $130 for shipping a $99 print, a week after I received it. I did not approve sending next day, she didn’t notify me that she was sending it next day, nor how much it would cost. There is NO way I would have approved $131 shipping! The customer service is horrendous, she blamed me and said I told her a date that I never said, and skipped that I specifically said that I did not want to incur any rush charges.

    The entire operation seems very back-handed and the primary sentence that I have heard from ImageWizards is that they are NOT to blame. Now they are threatening to pull back a reprint from UPS that I have already paid for to pay for the other print, even after I agreed to pay the full amount! She insisted I pay for it immediately or she would return the re-print and I went on to pay for it and their online pay system won’t work.

    Even before this, the 3rd print I got from them arrived completely desaturated and green and was unusable, I had to pay 50% to get it reprinted and pay for shipping again. In all fairness I did not get a proof, so I was happy with the 50% priced reprint, but after initiating the conversation with that, she pointed out that I was “100% to blame”, while I’m trying to pay for it.

    They suck.

    1. Wow, pretty scathing review there. Maybe I was lucky in my experience, but that certainly is about 180 degrees opposite from what I had thought. I’ve often found that usually escalating issues to a Tier 2 person gets better results if I feel I’ve been treated or “handled” unfairly by various companies…

      1. Jason, she did come around by the end of the day, but it was too late. Companies do change. As far as elevating to Tier 2, I was working the whole time with the “General Manager”, and since the only email address available was, I wasn’t really sure where to go from there.

        The printer was friendly and talkative, but the manager was one of the worst customer service nightmares I’ve ever encountered. She argued all day in emails with me about who’s fault it was and how she would pull my reprint (it is half way here already) from UPS, rather than finding a compromising solution to a charge I was honestly shocked by.

        My calmer comments today are that the print quality was very good on the first three I got, but their float frame is cheap. The third file I sent as a TIFF with a ProPhoto RGB color profile, and I believe they used Adobe RGB (1998) color profile to print it. It came out green and desaturated and was unusable.

        So if you want to use Image Wizards, then I hope to save you some time and energy by telling you what to watch out for. Be VERY careful to specify the shipping you would like, how much it costs ahead of time (they don’t mention it and don’t bill you until it’s already arrived), don’t use the new color profile, and DO NOT expect them to take any blame for anything.

        After being threatened to have my reprint pulled from UPS the entire day unless I paid immediately (while I’m trying to pay them), I finally said “go ahead”. I got it reprinted with better mounting, friendlier and more efficient staff and better prices in shipping and production from Magna Chrome.

        1. Gretchen,

          Image Wizards is under new management. It may be too late, but please if you see this contact us again and mention this review. I know exactly who you spoke to, and believe me, you are not the first.

          I know it is quite a while later, but I still want to make this right. Reading this review made me feel terrible for your experience. We are night/day from where we were, and I’d love the opportunity to show you this.

  3. The lucky winner (me) just received his AluminArte print. I am totally amazed. It is absolutely gorgeous. The gloss is like a micro layer of glass on the surface that is bonded to the aluminum. I can’t say enough good things about it.

    Give em a try.

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