Peaks and Valleys

This week has been a crazy week – full of activity and quite exciting, especially for the blog!  The launch of the latest eBook (the Prequel to the DIY Kit – still on sale thru Sunday by the way) really hit like a firestorm.  For that, I’d like to say thanks to those who have waited so patiently for it!  In contrast to that, the previous few months have been something of a test to my resiliency.  Long work hours, lots of travel, and a serious learning curve on not only the front end, but also the back end of multimedia, streaming, servers, systems, publishing points, and much more!  My feeble mind has been made to think in ways I’d not thought in years!  Hopefully I am nearing the top of that learning curve now though and have hit an altitude where I am on cruise control!

This is good news for the blog – I’ve had time to get some really good content in the can, and some exciting stuff is coming down the pike (just a vague teaser today though! )  Then yesterday, a friend reached out to me and said thanks for helping him get through a rough patch.  My own euphoria at how well received the eBook has been was in stark contrast to his own recent experiences, and it gave me a moment of pause.  We all have highs and we all have lows – it kind of reminds me of that little story about Footprints in the Sand – when a person looks back on his life and sees only one set of footprints at his (or her) lowest of lows.  They then ask God why they were alone during those times.  The answer, of course, is that when there is only one set of prints, it’s when God was carrying them…

No matter what your religious beliefs, the same mentality holds true in most venues…whether you are a blogger, a photographer or even just a regular person – you will have highs and lows.  So, rather than bemoan our lows and sing the praises during our highs, it helps to keep things in perspective.  While the highs may not seem as euphoric, the lows also are more tolerable.  Having good friends, family, and loved ones to lean on often helps.  So, if you are in a rut, or feeling low – rest assured, the worm will turn soon!  The best way to turn that corner is to keep reminding yourself of your goals, and if you are in a valley – keeping your eyes on the prize can help you stay focused (no pun intended).

Are you focused?  How do you focus when times are tough?  Tough questions with no easy answers…but more is coming on the blog!  Wanna hear the answer? Got your own?  Tune in on Monday for my own recipes on how to stay focused…

In the meantime, enjoy the weekend and find something to shoot!  Your challenge for the weekend will be to shoot five new photos!  Can you do that?  Can you focus enough to take five photos?  Give it a whirl, and I’ll share more of the insights on Monday!  Happy Shooting!

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