Panorama photography is something we often see. However, not a lot of people talk about their work flow in when creating panos. I’ve not seen much content that either speaks to how to capture the images that make up a panorama. Nor have I seen much in the way of how to take the series of images and compile them in post production to produce them.  So, today’s post features a sample pano (short for panorama) that you can see below, as well as a tutorial on how to compile them in Photoshop.  The video tutorial is using Photoshop CS2, and thus, somewhat dated, but the principles still apply.  Here’s another shot I put together, as promised, and with more of a crop toward the traditional framing where the width widely exceeds the height.

Sample Panorama Photographs

Windmill (Large)

windmills panorama
Panorama of WIndmills from the Buttes in Norhern Colorado

Windmill (Xtra Large)

Windmills panorama XL
Panorama of WIndmills from the Buttes in Norhern Colorado

The windmills were a nice effect though I thought in the composition.

Comments, feedback, and thoughts on the new format are very much appreciated!  If anyone is interested in having me put together a revised version of this tutorial with a current release of Photoshop, or the sister product from Adobe, Photoshop Lightroom, let me know in the comments and I can put one together on request.  Thanks again for your interest, and let me know what you think in the comments!

And, last, but not least, the video (albeit somewhat dated) on how to create a panorama using Adobe Bridge and Photoshop using the PhotoMerge utility! Enjoy 🙂

Video Tutorial

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  1. I finally caught up with all of my blogs and I noticed this one, without a link – how do I connect to the tutorial?

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