Four Things to Look For in a Digital Camera


One of the most common questions I get comes from people that are in the market for a camera.  It takes many forms, including the obvious (should I get a Canon or a Nikon?), the less obvious (should I get the…

Barnacles of Knowledge

Authors at Google

My photographic interests have been more recently geared toward documenting the growth and development of our new puppy, Kenzie.  I’ve already recorded over 2GB of photos and videos with her doing various things (playing with a tennis ball, her first…

Less is more – Be a Better Photographer!

Beach Chairs

“Okay, I’m done.” “That’s it? You’ve only been shooting for ten minutes!” “Yep, got about 50 shots, I should have 4-6 proofs for you from that bunch.” “So we’re done?” “Pretty much…I mean I can keep shooting, but there’s really…

Whiners in the Rear


Hi all! I know it’s been a while since I’ve done any posting. Truth be told, life has been keeping me very busy, but I’ve been quite active – even with my photography. For starters, as most of you know,…

Megabytes Versus Megapixels

Megapixel Chart

One of the more common questions I get (I think it’s due to my technical background) is one where people are asking how many images they can store on their media cards. The answer, as always, starts off with an “It depends…”. Just one of the many considerations here is how you are saving your images.

Spring Photo Projects

Avian Photography 1

With Spring in the air (if not already sprung), many of us are out and about brimming with photo ideas after being couped up for a chilly winter.  What’s that you say?  No photo projects brimming yet?  No problem –…