5 Tips for Shooting Off-Camera Flash, Pt. 5

Flash Direction

The final installment of the off-camera flash series is here! All week, I’ve been posting various tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your minimalist off-camera flash setup.

5 Tips for Shooting Off-Camera Flash, Pt. 4

Good versus bad leg positions

This week has been all about wrangling in your off-camera flash. We’ve gone a little more advanced, and the responses have been quite positive, so…

5 Tips for Shooting Off-Camera Flash, Pt. 3

Side by Side Comparisons

This week we are journeying through various tips to wrangle the best possible light out of a single light source off-camera! To do this, we are employing the assistance of only a light stand and a shoot through umbrella.

5 Tips for Shooting Off-Camera Flash, Pt. 2

Light Positioned Close to and Far from a Light stand

Earlier this week, I started the series with a demonstration of how to correctly mount your umbrella to a light stand.  The clue was “up for luck” as a mnemonic.  Today, we’re going to add another nitty-gritty detail about your…

5 Tips for Shooting Off-Camera Flash

How to Position Your Umbrella Correctly

Occasionally I like to delve a little beyond the basics for some of the more advanced and forward-thinking folks in the photography audience, and this week, I’d like to do just that. We’re going to talk in detail about off-camera flash!

Ten Must Have Accessories

Circular Polarizer

Photographers love their gadgets and accessories, and no photographers bag would be complete without at least some sundry items. Some are more important than others though. Here are ten items that make my list of”must-have” items for your camera bag.…