On the news front there is actually quite a bit going on, both personally and professionally, so here’s the scoop for everyone:

1.  New Software – It looks like we have a new player in the photo editing software community – Photo Director – now in Beta is offering a free download to all, and if you actively use, test, and give feedback, when the final release is published, you may be able to get this software for free.  An initial glance seems to be pretty interesting, so expect a full-scale review to be coming out here from the blogosphere pretty shortly.  (Expect mine in a few weeks…)

2.  Gear Reviews to Come – I’ve been a busy shooter lately, with a couple gear items that need to ahve reviews coming out so this will likely be a heavy gear review month here on the blog.  Check out the list of items forthcoming:

  • Think Tank Shapeshifter
  • Photo Mechanic from Camera Bits
  • Sigma 85mm f1.4
  • Speedlighter’s Handbook from Syl Arena
  • Think Tank Streetwalker Pro
  • Radio Popper Flash Triggers
  • Camera Dojo Flash Triggers

3.  I also just wrapped up a podcast with none other than AJ Wood, my good friend from the NAPP community who I’ve known for nearly 3 years now and have yet to have on the show – apologies to him for the total mental blank on my part.

4.  A few photo shoots have been finished recently, and I’ve been so busy just not had a chance to go through post production on them, but here’s a hint of what’s to come on the blog (if I ever find the time to write about and produce all this content – seems the more we do, the less time we have, eh?)

Pawnee Buttes Panorama

5.  Okay, there really is no other news item, but I like things to come in 5’s (and tens), so just throwing this one out there to check out some of the recent work of some industry notables that I have in my own RSS feeds:

David DuChemin – For those of you who don’t know, he took a nasty fall a short time ago, and while he is down for the moment, he is definitely not out – the inspirational words and wisdom he has emanated from his fingertips have been a thorough source of enjoyment, so if you don’t read his blog, sign up now!

Nicole Young – A popular visitor to the blog and podcast, I have it straight from the source that she has something very exciting coming out very soon – I can’t say what yet, but you might want to keep your eyes and ears on her blog for the announcement very soon (I suspect it will be tomorrow – Tuesday)…Congrats Nicole – I love what I’ve seen!

Larry Becker – Perhaps better known for his role with NAPP, this DIY site called “Cheap Shots” has very much come into its own, and his ideas for economical fixes to photographers woes on the cost of gear is quite innovative.  Add this to your RSS when you get a chance – some great stuff here!

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