It was quite a weekend – the worldwide photo walk on Saturday morning, then on Saturday night another weekend event to attend, and Sunday filled with some work-related tasks, I never had a chance to get the logistics wrapped up on the September contest.  So, the winner for the September giveaway will be announced soon.  That being said, I did not want to delay the October Contest as this is a really cool one!

The folks over at Stack Exchange have become the latest sponsor for the monthly contest series, and I gotta say, they are quite a clever operation.  The site is based on the same idea that the blog is based on – which is sharing knowledge and experience with the greater community at large.  No forums to join, no registrations to mess with, just good information in a Wiki-style interface.  The layout is pretty slick where you can post (and answer) photo-related questions.

Stack Exchange

There’s lots of topics covered and it’s definitely a useful resource to answer everything from generic to specific questions like “Depth of Field and Focal Length” to “How to take sharp night photos“.  Definitely one to add to your photo bookmarks folder.

Anyway, they were super generous, tossing a Lensbaby Composer into the ring for some lucky photographer!  So, special thanks and shout outs to Stack Exchange in advance for their sponsorship.  With the theme of their site, and the gear tied to the giveaway, I figured this was worthy of something special, so, here’s the gist:

1.  Photos must (as always) be family/work-safe friendly.
2.  One photo per person
3. Photos must be submitted via the Flickr thread for October.
4.  Sized between 600-800px on the longest side
5.  Must be downloadable from the FLickr thread (by me).
6.  Participants must reside in North America or Western Europe
7.  Images must be submitted no later than October 30th (Sunday)
8.  The theme for this month is (drumroll please…..)  STACK

Lots of ways to interpret this…it could be a stack of pancakes, a stack of coins, a stack of Pringles, a haystack, or any other way you can imagine!  Remember, the prize is a Lensbaby Composer, worth $300 retail, so if there ever was a time to ramp things up a notch, this would be it!  I’ll put something together on the Lensbaby Composer later this week so you know how cool this lens actually is!

That’s it for today – more cool stuff coming up later this week including the September winner (lucky photog will win a year of NAPP membership!), and other fun stuff.  The trick is to keep on shooting!

3 thoughts on “October Contest

  1. A lensbaby composer?! Great giveaway! … now … STACK … that’s an interesting one.

    And now time to take a look at the stack exchange site. Thanks for putting this together Jason

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