We’ve had a logistical delay, but the November contest is finally underway – with the prize being a pretty cool product – a print from the folks over at Image Wizards!  You’ve likely heard lots of industry notables talking about Image Wizards, including Moose Peterson, Tom Rothenberg, RC Concepcion, and of course Scott Kelby.

I should be getting a print soon, and you know a review will be forthcoming once in hand, but for now, it’s exciting and news enough to announce the giveaway!  Thanks to the folks over at Image Wizards for sponsoring the November contest!  Here’s the particulars:

1.  One image per person, with the longest side between 600-800px.

2.  Share your photo in the Flickr thread here.

3.  The theme is Shiny!

4.  All images must be work-safe/family-friendly.

5.  Taken within the last 90 days (preferably during the contest window).

6.  Image submissions must be done by December 2nd.

7.  Have fun!

Notice that the deadline actually extends past the end of November.  This is partly due to the fact that we are starting a tad late, but also because November ends in the middle of the week, so it just makes sense to finish things up on that Friday.  The winner will be announced the following Monday, and the December giveaway will also be announced then.  Good luck to everyone!

Special thanks and shout outs go to the folks at Image Wizards!  (I can’t wait to get the print to review!)  If you have some time, do check out their products and services over on their website – the results seem to certainly speak for themselves!

4 thoughts on “November Contest Begins with Image Wizards

  1. Are contest rules listed anywhere? SOC or editing/processing allowed?

  2. I should have mentioned that in the post…the image will be limited to a 16×24″size. Pretty big but not poster or pano dimensions…

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