In lieu of a video tutorial today, I’ve recorded an audio podcast. The primary reason for this is because the tip I want to share involves a technique I don’t really have a good sample shot in my library to show you how to apply the technique. So…tune in to this special audio episode for Canon Blogger.

Show notes include information on:

  • I will have a new gallery of photos out on my photography gallery site tomorrow.
  • Selective Noise Reduction
  • A DIY Backlight (how to make your own)
  • Not one, but 2 videos on lighting gear from
  • Jason Moore is off to France, with kudos on his way out from Photoshop User TV
  • Don’t forget to check out Jason’s Geographic Community Composition on Thursday of this week (the 15th)

Happy shooting and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Noise, Lighting, and Links – Oh My!

  1. Hey Bob,

    Thanks for stopping in and taking a peek. I guess being branded as a Canonite isn’t too bad then eh? 🙂

  2. Jason,

    I just checked out your photography site. Beautiful stuff! Perfectly exposed and processed.

    Not bad for a Canon…. 🙂

    Take care. I’ll be back.


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