With the advent of a new year, the podcast is hopefully going to take on a new format – with things being more conversational.  Erik Bernskiold comes back to the show and we’re talking about all the latest news in photography, as well as a main talking point of how to publicize and share your images online – looking at the pros and cons of the various options that are out there.  Lots of news including announcements from the recent CES show, as well as contest information, and listener questions and answers so it’s a pretty heavily packed show.  Almost an hour and a half, so it could last you through a few commutes!  Here’s the show notes, and enjoy!

CES News

Canon Camera Announcements

  • A3100
  • A3000
  • A495
  • A490

We also had been noticing a lot of the newer SLR cameras have been announcing firmware updates, so if you have a relatively new SLR, check your vendor website for details.

Sharing Your Photos

  • Flickr
  • Forums
  • DeviantArt
  • Photography Corner

Hosting Services

  • WordPress
  • Smugmug
  • Squarespace
  • Livebooks
  • Self-hosting
  • Paying a Design Professional

Picks of the Week

Listener Questions

Print Resolution versus Screen Resolution (Jason)

SEO for Websites and Flash (Erik)

Listen to the Podcast

Catch up with me and Erik on our respective websites – you know my info, but if you want to learn more about Erik and his work, here’s his web presence links:

A long show for sure – but tons of content.  Thanks to Erik for taking the time to sit down and talk again – we’re going to try to make this a regular occurrence, as well as get some others involved in the conversation! Thanks also go out to the folks at Audible for their sponsorship of the blog!  Happy shooting, and share your feedback, here, on Erik’s site, on iTunes or even with the folks at PLM (thanks to them for their sponsorship as well!)  Happy shooting and we’ll see you here again tomorrow!

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