The latest in the Canon lineup has been announced by the folks in Lake Success. The latest and greatest in the full frame sensor cameras is the 1-Dx…representing some pretty amazing advances. The ones that caught my eye the most:

The Canon 1Dx

1 – Wired networking capabilities…seeing that LAN port on the body was pretty cool! I do wonder what kind of battery drain will result from usage but we shall see!

2 – In camera HDR processing…cal it what you want but the folks at Canon seem to have sensed that the masses like HDR processing, and have added a 9 image built in processing engine to meet those needs.

3 – Bigger pixels! – The Canon 1Dx seems to also have embraced the pixel principle – the one that recognizes more isn’t necessarily better.  Instead, they’ve increased the pixel size on sensors.  What this results in (most likely) is less noise and smoother gradations between colors and tones in print results.

When you factor these new features in with the almost expected advances in processing, like new sensors, video, faster burst rates, more AF points, etc, this is going to be a serious consideration for professional photographers looking to make their work flow more efficient.  Likewise, enthusiast gear heads will also find plenty to salivate over with all the upgrades and additions.  For me though, the nearly $7000 price tag ($6800 MSRP) makes this probably out of reach to justify for my own needs.  After all, it’s not the gear that takes the photos, it’s you!

Of course, this is all just my own first take on the gear as announced from Canon.  What do you think?   Game changer?  Incremental upgrade?  Is this the way of your own future needs, or is this something you can pass on?  Sound off in the comments with your own thoughts!  The full details are here:

4 thoughts on “New Canon Gear: 1d X

  1. With all the new AF options, why not AF in video mode?

  2. I think this is going to be a fantastic tool for the working pro. Who knows- maybe one day I’ll be able to afford it. Seems like it is a very well rounded camera. Very versatile! Looks like Canon has really thought this one out and listened to a bunch of pro feedback. I think they’ll sell a lot of them. It will be interesting to see what transpires from now to March (when its available) in the DSLR arena.

  3. I absolutely agree that “more isn’t necessarily better”! My dream camera is 10 MP, full frame, great high ISO performance and under $2000. 🙂

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