The first podcast of 2012 is now ready for your listening pleasure!  I had the distinct honor of talking with long time photographer and author Joe Farace!  A contributing writer for Shutterbug Magazine, and author of several blogs, it was a great way to kick off the new year!  We had a great chat for about 45 minutes (on the record anyway)…and talked about everything from posing models, to lighting them, as well as some travel photography…heck, we even talked cars for a bit too!

Joe Farace Blog

Thanks to Joe for taking the time to talk too – here’s his info and the show notes:

Joe Farace
Joe Farace Photography Blog
Joe Shoots Cars
I Hate Popcorn
Joe Farace on Facebook
Joe on Twitter

And I thought I was a socialite online!  Joe really takes it to the next level!  And you can hear the passion and excitement in his voice too – he really just loves photography… and life!  It’s contagious too – I’ve got a few seeds ready to sow myself….(more on that later)!

Here’s the rest of the show notes:

  • The ABC’s of posing
  • Corrective posing
  • Adorama learning center –  softboxes versus umbrellas
  • Shoot the centerfold – seminars

Just a great chat overall, and the nuggets, tips, and insights you’ll pick up are invaluable.  The show should be in your iTunes feeds shortly (if not already), but if you’d like to give a listen inline, here’s the show:

One thought on “LDP Podcast #65: My Conversation with Joe Farace…

  1. Amazing! You are lucky to have this kind of opportunity. I think you also deserve it. He would not be that delighted if you didn’t fit to his standards.

    Thanks fir sharing!

    Lea Dee

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