With so many options out there facing both new and established photographers, from camera types, to lenses, shooting styles, applications, and the rest, it’s amazing we have any consistency at all.  Yet, with new talent coming on the scene every day, it helps to see what trends are happening within the industry.  To that end, there’s a new poll on the blog I launched today.  What’s your primary photo editing application?  Select the option that best fits your workflow.  Join the discussion too and chime in with a comment!  Happy shooting!

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2 thoughts on “Most Popular Photo Editing Applications

  1. I import my RAW files into Lightroom 3 and do color, exposure, & sharpening, but I do the actual editing in Photoshop CS3. I’ve been using Photoshop since version 1, so I guess I’m most comfortable in it.

  2. I use Lightroom 4 / Photoshop cs6 and Nik software for all my editing and image management needs. I find them all very useful and they all work well together.

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