Okay, I am breaking two of my own rules today.  The Wordless Wednesday one is the first that I am pulling out of order, primarily because time is limited on this news.  The other reason I am breaking the rules is because this actually knocked my socks off!

Craft And Vision has released their latest eBook, called EyePhone!  Normally I am particular to David DuChemins line of writing, but this time Al Smith has surpassed even his standard because this eBook was just amazing.  I know this sounds gushing, but really….no joke.

So, remember when Chase Jarvis published "The Best Camera"?  It was a book extolling the virtues of using your iPhone (or mobile phone for Android fans) for photos…he shared photos and basically inspired you to just make sure you are out there taking photos with any camera – as long as you have one with you.  (Hence the title.)

Well, Eyephone takes this to the next level.  Rather than just saying to take a camera with you, or even share photos extolling the virtues of doing so, Eyephone actually gives you explicit instructions on how to take and make better pics with your mobiel phone.  Everything from camera functions, to Apps to download, and little secrets that are what I would call the "Insider Scoops" of the mobile phone photography phenomenon.

So, in typical fashion, the folks at Craft and Vision offer it at an amazing price of only $5 for nearly 50 pages of photo tips, tricks, and inspiration!  As if that’s not cheap enough for you, for a limited time you can save another buck through Saturday and get it for only $4!  Just use discount code EYEPHONE4 to get the deal.  Likewise, bundles are available too.  For instance, to save the same 20% on bundle deals, use EYEPHONE20 for bundles of 5+ eBooks.  Lastly, David’s own lines can be had for nearly 50% off the 7 book bundle – use discount code DAVID19 there to get the series for $19 (which is normally $35!).

In case you missed the link upthread here’s another one (it goes to the same landing page)…  Go here, go quickly, learn, save, and then (of course), DO!  I did and already am taking better camera shots!

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