After much deliberation over the fantastic compilation of images for the July contest, I’ve finally had to just make probably one of the toughest judging decisions I’ve had to make thus far in the history of the contest series.  However, in light of the theme of the contest (Slick), and the creativity that went into the image itself, I have to give the nod to Stephen Ludgate for his submission:

This image has the perfect amount of abstraction, yet also technically is very well thought-out, and the symbolism/timeliness of it to topical events of late is pretty amazing.  Congratulations to Stephen!  If you could get in touch with me via email (jason <AT> canonblogger <DOT> com) I’ll coordinate to have the folks at Adobe set up fulfillment on your very own copy of Lightroom 3!

Special thanks and acknowledgments also to Adobe for their generosity and continued support of the blog, podcast and concert seriesyou are a big part of why people come every day to read the material, to learn and share knowledge with one another.  Thanks Adobe!

So, with the July contest series wrapped up, it’s time to announce the August contest.  Another sponsor of the blog in a big way is Red River Paper, as they are providing discount codes and promotional offers to all readers of the blog (CB18 for  $5 off any order and CBShip for free shipping of a promo pack of papers.).  They are also contest sponsors and this month they have generously contributed a pack of 8×10 Pearl Pro Metallic paper for some lucky participant.  And without further ado – the theme for August is:


A Flickr thread will be posted on Saturday, and entries will start being accepted at midnight.  Thanks to Red River Paper for their sponsorship as well for not only the giveaway, but for their support of the blog and podcast!

4 thoughts on “Lightroom 3 Contest Winner!

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  2. Frank Sammut says:

    Nice Job Stephen & congratulations also.

  3. Michael Petersheim says:

    Congratulations, Steve, on the well-deserved win!

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