You heard it right, the latest and greatest episode of the LDP Podcast is now live and downloadable from your favorite outlet.  Six long weeks in the making and with the patience of my special guest, Kevin Mullins, this is Episode #57!

Kevin Mullins Photography

For those of you that may not have heard of him, Kevin Mullins hails from across the pond to get together on a podcast and talk shop on photography. A well-established wedding photographer in the UK, Kevin is probably one of the most talented wedding photographers I know. He joins me in the latest episode of the Learning Digital Photography Podcast to talk about the documentary style of photography and the impact that has on how you both shoot and manage your business. You can download it from iTunes or directly from the website via the following links. Below the links are the show notes…enjoy!

Talking Points

  • Approaching group shots versus cookie-cutter portrait poses
  • Work flow of the wedding day – how things start, where to budget time, & how things end.
  • Gear preferences
  • Pre-planning the event in Documentary Photography
  • Still and video convergence

Links Mentioned:

9 thoughts on “Learning Digital Photography: Episode #57

  1. I agree with Kevin. The 85mm F1.2 is a great lens. Yes, it is slow to focus, but the images it produces are just so beautifully creamy!

    Great article Kevin. Keep up the good work 🙂


  2. Hi Randell – the 35mm is the nearest to natural eye vision and the 85mm produces much better images than the 50mm. Most of the work is done at the wider end of the scale -35mm.

    Thanks for all the comments 🙂

  3. Randell John says:

    Great interview Kevin, really enjoyed it. Can I just ask if you have used the Canon 50mm f1.2 prime lens.
    I would have thought it would give an even more documentary style image than the 85mm, and give you a little bit more versatility when working in smaller environments (Church vestries, bridal preparations etc).
    Or do you prefer the stand off focal range of the 85 mm?

  4. Jason,
    really enjoyed the latest podcast with Kevin, there was lots of really good advise and interesting insights.

    let’s see more regular episodes from you please ; )

    1. Workin’ on it! 🙂

      Who do you want me to talk to?

  5. “A well-established wedding photographer in the UK, Kevin is probably one of the most talented wedding photographers I know.”

    He certainly is!

    He’s also a thoroughly nice guy too.

  6. My comment isn’t really related to this post, but… do you put any limitation on winners of your monthly contest? As in, is the winner of this month’s contest prohibited from entering next month or the month after? I couldn’t find any information on your site about it…

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