In the last episode of the LDP Podcast, we talked about shooting with various ideas in mind – shooting from a lighting perspective versus composition.  This go around, we’re mixing it up even more by approaching photography from the perspective of “Shooting with Photoshop in Mind”.  It’s a great topic and one that came to me from one of The Photoshop Guys!.  That’s right, with me on the show is one of the rock stars of the photography/Photoshop world – Mr. Dave Cross!

Dave Cross Workshops

For those of you who might not know who Dave is – he’s one of the original “Photoshop Guys”, and has been teaching Photoshop classes since version 2!  He is currently the Senior Developer, Education and Curriculum for NAPP, a Certified Photoshop Instructor through Cs4, and  Certified Technical Trainer.  With several books under his belt, and a 2009 inductee to the Photoshop Hall of Fame, he is certainly no stranger to the world of Photoshop!

Here’s the nuts and bolts of our discussion, but to get the full schmear, grab the podcast either from here or in iTunes!

Talking Points:  Shooting with Photoshop in Mind

  • What’s the point of Photoshop:  Fixing photos or creating visions?
  • Compositing Photos in Photoshop
  • Story boarding, green screens, extracting – options galore
  • How do you get there from here?
  • Fine Art versus Business
  • Learning Workshops versus Seminars
  • Watching versus Doing
  • HDR:  Art form or a Solution?
  • Links

It was so fun talking to Dave about such a wide variety of subjects and we really hit on quite a bit for only 40 minutes of talk time!  Do check out his web resources there as I think the smaller sized workshop setting he has set up in Tampa will become the trend-setter of things to come.


As a final reminder for the podcast and website a couple things wrap up this week:  The month long Flickr contest series, so do get your photos in for a chance to win Photo Mechanic!  Also ending this weekend is the promotional deal on the Deeper Vision eBook from David DuChemin – 20% off through July 2nd w/ promo code DEEP4.  Have a happy 4th of July, and we’ll see you next month! 🙂

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