With the new interface also comes the newest podcast, where I sit down and talk to Matthew Campagna – creator of The Turning Gate, an impressive collection of gallery, plugin and other software that allows you to both present and sell your images online.  If you’ve ever struggled with the Lightroom interface, wished for more functionality like shopping carts, or even just some pretty seamless plugins for post production, Matthew’s site has become the most recognized resource for future-compliant websites that extend and broaden both your identity and brand recognition in photography.  If there ever was a podcast to listen to, this is the one!

The Turning Gate

My own efforts with The Turning Gate on a few sample galleries can be found here:
A few users …
Terry White http://terrywhitephotography.com
Rod Barbee http://barbeephoto.com
Tuomas Uusheimo http://www.uusheimo.com/
Aim High Aviation Photography http://www.aimhigh.nl/
Cod Photography http://codphotography.ca/
And, to make sure you stop over and see the full suite of products, plugins, galleries and shopping cart software Matthew has to over at some amazingly affordable prices (think $5 on average per plugin):
The Turning Gate
Matthew on Twitter

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