This week just got away from me so fast, because I had a podcast chat with Andie, then the DIY Legal Kit was released, and then work got busy, and yesterday was Tracy’s birthday, so we spent the evening doing fun stuff for her (shopping, eating at her favorite restaurants, movies, etc.)  Suffice to say, I did not even get the show notes together for the podcast here with Andie – but at the very least I did want to get the podcast itself up…so the show notes should follow probably tomorrow (yes, a Sat. post!)

Andie Smith Photography

So, for the time being, enjoy an abridged post of the LDP Podcast #60 with Andie Smith

Have a great weekend! (Oh yeah, and don’t forget the Flickr Contest is still going on for that free copy of Photo Mechanic)

One final little trailer teaser here for ya, since I had my last two podcasts with my good friends Andie and AJ (they live like ten miles from each other), figured to give him some linkage too – his new podcast is live now in its second episode, so stop over to AJ Wood to check it out – fun, fast, and informative!

4 thoughts on “LDP Podcast #60: Lighting vs Composition w/ Andie Smith

  1. Looks like those never made it up…my apologies Gary…

    I must have the notes somewhere, let me see if I can find them and get them up for you. If not, I’ll just have to listen to the show again and re-write the notes! LOL

  2. New to the blog, but cannot find the show notes that are mentioned in the show.

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