The latest episode of the Learning Digital Photography Podcast is up and ready for your enjoyment!  We welcome back to the show Nicole Young (aka Nicolesy).  Her latest book out from the Peachpit crew is “Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots”.  Probably one of my favorite in the series as it’s not all wrapped in gear and techno-babble, but rather offers real-world tips on how to shoot food photography.  We talked about some of those tips on the show, developments in the industry, and lots of other topics including some Q&A from listeners and readers!  Join us for an hour (or so):

Food Photography: From Snapshots to Great Shots

2 thoughts on “LDP Podcast # 64: An Hour With Nicolesy

  1. Canon refuses to write Windows 7 drivers for the Canon 5D, so it can’t be tethered. And apparently customer support tried to push for drivers due to customer input, but no luck. (If I didn’t own so much Canon glass I’d be shooting Nikon now..).

    1. I wonder if that’s a sign that an upgrade is pending for the 5D… 🙂

      Thanks for confirming that – was pretty sure it was something along those lines

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