As some of the regular readers may know, I recently made a transition in my career path.  Previously, my roles have been technical in nature: Help Desk, Systems Administration, Web Admin, Telephony & Cellular support, etc.  Graphics, imaging, and AV exposure was kind of a second nature role for me in most capacities, because they all had computer chips in them, right? 🙂  It made for a nice segue into the photography field, so my teeth got cut on quite a few vendor systems.

That’s no longer the case. I am now in a role that takes my technical experience and history and leverages that against my educational and teaching background (I used  teach college level classes).  So, a new role has me teaching technology and multimedia to others!  That is both good news and bad news for the blog.

The good news is that education, training, and teaching are much more front-focused in my mind.  This means that the quality and angle of most blog posts will likely be more educational in their “angle”.  This is a good thing because the website has always been intended to be a way to sort of give back to the photography community.  So now content will likely be even more useful than ever!  Here it bears mentioning that even though I shoot Canon, content is always generated so it is as vendor neutral as possible so Nikonians, Pentaxians, and Olympains etc., rest assured, nothing will change in that regard!

As you likely have guessed from the lead image for the day, the bad news is that I will be traveling a lot… How much will be a function of the school year and their schedules, but in between getting trained myself (train the trainer) and actually getting out there, postings may not be as regular as things have been in the past.

I will tr to keep ahead of the post dates as much as I can, but cannot guarantee that the well of posts “in the can” will stay as full as it has.  So, with that in mind, I’d like to make today my first post in this new “era” as I hit the road to train others in the use of technology.  Just as the seat back in front of me advises:

Buckle up, and keep your seat belts fastened as we’re taking off!

Taking Off

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  1. great! looking forward to read your new posts! im curious!

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