The Canon G12 is nothing to sneeze at!

Canon G12

So, with a ton of travel coming up in the next several months – at last count it was 11 states in 6 weeks! – I really needed to find a more portable solution than my aged Canon A590 IS.  While it was a great camera in its day, the shutter lag, and lack of controls, etc have put it out to pasture.

The previously un-announced mirrorless entry for Canon notwithstanding, the decision was made to go with the Canon G12.  I chose this camera for a couple reasons, among those being the inclusion of a hot shoe, expanded ISO, aperture, and shutter capacity over prior generations of cameras, and an MP count that is on par with my 40D!  Rather than bore you with the now old-school approach of “unboxing” the camera, I figured today would be a good day to show you something I found rather interesting right off the bat – the new “double dial”:

The Double Dial

This double dial feature allows me to quickly adjust my settings between C1, C2, Manual, Aperture and Shutter Priority, and other creative modes , as well as control ISO settings all with the same index finger…major kudos already for Canon here.  I wonder if a mirrorless camera would position things similarly?

The other feature that I already knew about but was particularly giddy to try is the hot shoe with my flashes.  No surprises, it worked!  Equally enamoring is the fact that my vendor-neutral triggers (courtesy of my good friend Kerry Garrison over at CameraDojo) worked seamlessly as well!

The Hotshoe

A few test shots from the camera should be forthcoming…rather today is merely to share the news, and to help illustrate that with any new camera, it helps to learn where things are first.  My canoe trip this year to upstate NY will be replete with a more compact photo setup, primed for capturing even more and better shots than my previous 3 years!  Suffice to say, the gear has me excited again!

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