First off, let me apologize to everyone for being so sporadic with the postings lately.  I fell victim to a nasty cold which is still lingering to a degree.  Mix in a dash of holiday festivities, and before you know it, days can go by without posting.  Having said that, and before I forget:

I hope everyone’s Christmas season was merry, and that you maintain the sense of cheer and family as we head into New Year’s weekend!

I say that because before you know it – the season will be over.  For some of us, that can’t happen soon enough! The Holiday season always seems to bring out a frenetic mentality.  People resort to pepper spray to buy items they want to give as gifts.  We whirl through traffic, trying to get to the grocery store for that one last item needed to complete a meal, or that specialty store forone last stocking stuffer.  Screaming for parking spaces, scrambling for gifts, and rushing about in almost a panic – it can certainly be stressful, can’t it?

A mantra I hear quite a bit lately is “Just tell me when the holidays are over!”.  It’s kind of sad too…the holiday season, more than anything else, should be a time of joy and merriment.  After all, you are spending time with the ones who you supposedly care about the most:  family, friends, and loved ones.  Sooner than you know, the  season will be over and it will be back to the daily grind, your work routines, and ever so shortly after that, the mentality will change to “When can I get a vacation form the daily grind?”

You have that vacation from the grind – right now!  Enjoy it while you can, because before you know it – it will be over.

One thought on “Is it Over Yet?

  1. It’s over for me 🙁 back to the lab. But I did have a great time while it lasted and I always look forward to next year’s holidays!

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