After last week’s picture presentation of how to hold your SLR camera got such an incredible response, many people chimed in via email, asking if I could do a piece on how to hold your Point-and-Shoot camera.  While it’s not hugely different, the lack of a lens on the front to really give additional place to position your hands for support can be awkward for some people.  I took the liberty of putting together a short video tutorial on how I’ve found positive results for hand-holding my point and shoot grade of cameras.

What is unique about it, is how I use my left hand (specifically my thumb and fore-finger) to brace the camera from underneath.  It’s kind of counter-intuitive, but making cameras so small makes it more difficult to really get a good hold on them for producing stable shots.  This technique demonstrated here should give you a good starting point:

Notice a couple of things are similar – how you stand, knees slightly bent, lean forward a little, and try to keep the camera closer to the core of your body.  As you can tell, it’s really only a minor modification of how to hold an SLR, but an important one – otherwise you’ll find your arms flapping out beside your body, and your shots as less stable.

Proper Hand Holding Techniques for a Point and Shoot

The question that will likely come out from this is whether the now common in-camera stabilization can account for hand holding better?  The answer is yes, you can gain about half a stop to a stop of light (and if you don’t know what a stop of light is, come back later this week – I’ll be talking about that too!) from IS, but that’s only part of the equation.

How do you hold your camera?  What if you are left-handed?  What about right-eye versus left eye shooting?  These are all factors that can require a bit of a modification to how you hold your camera, so chime in the comments section with what works for you!

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    Great tips for the point and shoot.
    I created a comparison chart to make it easier to find the best point and shoot cameras. I also have several point and shoot camera reviews on my site. I hope that some of your readers might find it useful!
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