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There’s in one inescapable reality of glamour photography: You need a portfolio to attract models but you also you need models to build that portfolio.  Just as you will determine a potential model’s talent by reviewing her portfolio, she will want to evaluate your talent by reviewing yours. Once you begin shooting glamour photographs, you should also start assembling a portfolio containing your best images.

A portfolio is important because it will show potential clients or models your photographic style and level of technical competence. It also demonstrates the type of photographs you enjoy making and gives people a chance to assess your ability to communicate through those images. If a model is interested in working with you and is shown a dozen beautiful images that are neatly and professionally presented, she is going to be excited about posing for you.

The most important factor to keep in mind when preparing your portfolio is that quality is more important than quantity. You don’t need to show stacks of tear sheets or dozens of fantastic images. Most beginning glamour photographers won’t be able to do that anyway and showing a dozen well-composed and nicely lit photographs is better than displaying fifty images of lesser quality. Later, when you are more experienced and successful, you may be choose to use a combination of tear sheets and prints in your portfolio.

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