We all love gear.  I an a gear freak! I guess it goes with working in the IT sector, scuba diving, and photography – the gear excites me, entices me, and I just can’t help myself sometimes.  But it has to end at some point, right?  After all, as David DuChemin is known for saying, “Gear is Good, Vision is Better”!  I couldn’t agree more…or could I?

My wife’s birthday is right around the corner – literally.  The next time I post, her birthday will have passed.  The funny thing is, she has received her typical stipends from the parental units and now has some extra cash to spend (which is odd enough in this economy), so finds herself in a bit of a pickle.  What to do?

She has a point…take a look at our current technology library:

1.  Windows XP desktop (Dell Optiplex)

2.  Windows XP VOIP system

3.  Linux Video Camera Surveillance system

4.  Macbook Pro OSX

5.  Acer Netbook

6.  Motorola Android X Smart Phone

7.  LG Smart Phone

8.  iPod Touch (2nd Generation)

9.  Amazon Kindle

Know what the one thing is that’s missing?  Yup, you guessed it – the iPad.

iPad 2

We all know about them, more know about them, and some even fawn over them…claiming they are the only device in their category – the iPad is it’s own category.  So, when she had this extra money for her birthday, she came to me and said, “I don’t know what to do..there’s nothing I really want or need…any ideas?”  My response was:  Get an iPad!

Then she said, “Why”…and recited the list to me.  She has a point – we really don’t need an iPad. It looks so cool…but, is it something that we need?  Probably not.  It is something we’ve thought about, but given our connected nature already, do we really need it?  My truthful answer is, “No.”  She asked me to put together a list for her of why she should get an iPad.  I came up with tons of reasons – for me…

So, it looks like the iPad will not be coming to the house any time soon – simply because, as Tracy put it:  “How Much is Too Much?”  So, with that in mind, I’d really like to pose a question to the reading audience:

How much gear do you own?  When would you draw the line?  How much is too much?  Sound off in the poll:

When do you prefer to capture your images?

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9 thoughts on “How Much is Too Much?

  1. No, we’re now both tethered to our iPads (yes plural, because after she got hers, I ultimately decided to sell off a few items I wasn’t using anymore and brought my own into the mix)…how sick is that? LOL

  2. I love my great and say if you have a specific need that it will fill, then get it (if it doesn’t break the bank). I have a Macbook Pro, a PC desktop, iPhone 4G, iPad, and a few ipods. Each serves a purpose (if you can believe that!). I would use the desktop for large downloads and a media server, my laptop to do work in any room on the house, and my iPad for mobile computing (it is more limited than a laptop, but serves a need for me).

    Hopefully you get what you need!


  3. Frankly, I see a netbook and an iPad or other tablet as redundant. There are personal preference reasons to choose one or the other (I want a keyboard) but why both? Also, except for the inexpensive Touch, you are obviously not fully invested in the intensive Apple “ecosystem” of apps and iTunes, (and now iCloud) so you should factor whether you want to be part of Apple’s business plan, or not. Apple, you might notice, is more than fine hardware (and it is fine), it is a hip and not cheap black-sweater, black-jeans, and white-sneakers life style.

  4. GOOD QUESTION! Timeless question too. As a fiend and “connoisseur” of all things “gadgety”, I cannot without bias say, “so what”? I do embrace the materialistic side of human nature. Then again, I don’t have children…this is a major reason why. I’m stingy and I like my stuff! hahahaha. I like to be “wired in” in every way imaginable….I dream of a day with a live H.U.D. display with a wristwatch communicator that is always dialed in. Sure, I’ll always want the next model…but, so long as the bills are paid, I’m gonna do my damnedest to get it. PLUS, there’s always Ebay and a market for the older tech. So, I consider it recycling really.

    Furthermore, I too have an iPad AND a MBP. I purchased it (sold my two netbooks) as a “bridge” between my goliath W7 laptop that is LITERALLY to large to haul around school etc. I use my iPad for about 90% of everything I do…writing papers, showing portfolio to clients, running credit cards via Square, and a bunch of other random stuff. I RARELY play games on it (though my husband, even though he hates Apple, will steal my iPad to play games or read his RPG PDF’s on it. hahahaha). But, it was iPad that “converted” me to Apple and thus I purchased a MBP….which I am BEYOND in love with! While I’m not in school for the summer, I do find I use my MBP way more than my iPad. but, I would still never give up one over the other…well, maybe one day when/if iPad gets powerful enough to totally replace my MBP (which means it would have to fully run LR and CS…the ONLY things I can’t do on my iPad…you know, processing tons of photos etc).

    sorry, I’m totally blathering. My point is, I think it’s ok to want the next best thing, so long as you’re reasonable and can actually utilize the items.

    You should tell your wife to sell the netbooks to fund the iPad. you will NOT regret it! I got the Bluetooth keyboard too. So, if screen typing is the drawback. problem solved!

  5. Hi Jason,

    All I can say from my very personal POV is that I bought the iPad 1 last August and never had any regrets. It is just such a useful gadget and one might not know before actually owning one.

    I use it for watching podcasts, doing my e-mails, working on pics, reading books, mags or just the news, etc,. etc. The battery life is excellent and you can take that thing anywhere, fire it up and it’s ready to go.

    I did not get the 2 but just bought an iPhone 4 which I find equally useful but in a different way. Great for street photography, Instagram, listening to podcasts incl. yours but actually I do that on the Touch which I bought before there was even an iPad on the horizon.

    Only regret I have is that I bought the 32GB iPad as I never used all the space on my 64GB Touch but if you do, get the 64GB one …

    Looking forward to many more great eps of your show. Thanks and regards from China!

  6. Jason”How much is too much?” really? i’m not sure human nature has a “too much’ it’s hard wired into us. On a larger scale it is why america is populated with the decedents of europe and not native indians and buffalo. it’s what has driven the human race to be what it is, it’s what makes us reach out to the starts and dream of claiming new worlds. Every now and then some of us rebel against it and some opt for a simple life but as a race, as a whole we are always pushing forward wanting bigger, better, faster. Every developed country s economy and way of life is built on striving for more.

    On the smaller scale we all want the next upgrade, the faster glass, the extra holiday and on and on. there are many people who are not like that but as a whole we are.

    The shortened answer is that not buying the ipad 2 when you have the extra cash to do so goes against what made America the country it is today!

    Jason, that’s the best pitch i can give you mate, if it doesn’t work i’m sorry and i’ll withdraw my application to head up Apples marketing department ; )

  7. Very fascinating post, Jason! I’m sure the Apple marketing department would cringe or cry “blasphemy!” if they were to read it… 😀

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