Probably one of the cheapest lenses I’ve ever had the pleasure of owning – this L grade body (with the stereotypical red liner around the rim) definitely serves its intended purpose perfectly…

EF 24-105 f4L

I take it black and sweet!

My coffee never had a better container!  Yup, it’s kind of hoax here, but it is a legitimate product.  This coffee mug has an exterior that is made to resemble the Canon EF 24-105 f4L lens.  It clearly isn’t, but truth be told, when I received mine in the mail, I was pretty excited.  It does serve its purpose admirably – keeping my coffee hot and in good sipping condition well enough for the duration of the morning caffeine intake.

I was a little disappointed that the focusing rings didn’t rotate, nor did the AF/MF toggle or the IS toggle – in fact, the former was simply painted on.  It did have the cap that looked like a real lens cap, but that didn’t pinch on like a normal lenscap would.  To an uneducated eye, I can easily see this as passing muster for a real lens…until you picked it up!

Nevertheless, it was the talk of the office when I poured my first cup of coffee into it.  It retails higher than I would have expected for nearly $40, but you can get your own here.  And for the Nikonians out there, don’t worry, Nikon versions are available too!

4 thoughts on “Hardware Review: Canon EF 24-105 C

  1. UPDATE: This is embarrassing, but the initial post pointed readers to a different outfit selling a similar product. I’ve updated the links, and pricing information, which is much more appealing at half the price (only $20)…a thousand pardons to the folks at Lens Mug for the faux paux.

  2. Oh yea, the photos were taken with my Droid phone! No Canon equipment was ever involved in the making of this post! 🙂

  3. Miguel Palaviccini says:

    I have the Nikon 24-70 and love it! … now if only the real lens were as cheap

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