It always pays to keep your camera glasses on, even when you don’t have a camera right in front of you.  While talking with the folks after our furniture finally arrived last Friday, I was taking a break from unpacking (we’re still not done!), and walking around the exterior of the property.  After nibbling on some ripe raspberries (yes, we have raspberry bushes in our backyard, along with black raspberries, golden berries, Asian pear trees, and a couple other ones I am not 100% on yet), I started to head inside when I saw this bush:

camo-2Normally, a little movement from a bush means the wind is blowing but some movement wasn’t quite right, so I glanced again, and sure enough – something appeared once I changed my angle of view:


A praying mantis!  Now these guys aren’t that rare, but it’s always intriguing to find one because there is something quite surreal about their appearance.  He was tucked pretty deep inside these wisps of the bush too, and the edges were kinda sharp.  That being the case I didn’t want to dive in and disturb him too much, but I couldn’t help myself from at least trying to get off a shot that showed those cool beady eyes and his angular body:


As always, I was just not equipped as I wanted to be to get something better, and something about respecting the environment and it’s citizens called out to me, so this was the best I could get.  Quite an amazing difference from what was there at first glance, eh?!  The teachable moment here:  always keep your camera glasses on!

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